Messages From Beyond :: Charity, an Intuitive Medium

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I’d like to believe that there are spirits around us at all times, and those that I have loved and lost are watching over me. I was amazed to find out that my Fairfield County Mom contributor, Charity, had recently discovered her intuitive guidance, reassurance, and healing gifts.

Through her recent study, reading, classes, and learning from others, Charity feels it is her calling to help bring healing messages from spirit and help people access their own intuitive gifts.

Charity is a Medium that can connect with people who have passed away. She uses various techniques to bring messages to people here in the physical world, such as guided meditation, aura work, and automatic writing.

Photo by Three Anchors Photography

I was very excited when Charity offered to do a small group session. These sessions are for up to 5 people and can last up to 90 minutes. I invited fellow contributor and Fairfield County Mom Sponsorship Coordinator Aarika to come along with me.

We both had no prior experience with a medium, and we were both a little nervous since we had no idea what to expect. Would a relative send a forboding message? Would we learn things about our family history?

Although Charity cannot guarantee who comes through or what their message will be, she asks that everyone has an open heart and open mind. My energy level was very high, and I hoped to have contact with my grandparents. 

Charity immediately put our minds at ease by explaining the process, so we could sit back with an open mind, ready for a new experience. She began the session by writing down her thoughts and described a military couple that she was seeing. Without much prompting, she provided a message intended for my husband (who was not present) from his grandparents. The information she knew and how she described their personalities is something she could not have known.

Although the message was not directed towards me, I could pass it along to my husband to help him heal. It was reassuring to know that his grandparents are together again and watching over our family. I felt an odd sense of calm after the session and can’t wait to schedule an individual session soon.

Her specialty is her one-on-one intuitive guidance sessions. During these sessions, she can do aura readings to help gain better insight into how best to provide guidance. All colors in a person’s aura give essential information about where they have been, where they are now, and where they might be going on their journeys.

During the session, Charity read Aarika’s aura and thoroughly explained the colors that she saw and their meaning. Aarika stated, “It’s almost as if she knows what you need to hear, even if you didn’t know that you needed to hear it. I found the reading comforting and encouraging. I left the night with a new perspective on my current life and what the future may hold for me.” We both can’t wait to try it again. 

Currently, all of Charity’s sessions are online. She will be announcing in-person details soon. Mention Fairfield County Mom when you book a reading through her website or Instagram @charityferris_intuitivemedium and receive 20% off your first full one-on-one session.


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