Meet Sonique: A Mash-Up of Styles


Hi! My name is Sonique, a Jamaican mama. I’ve been married to my Panamanian born husband, Sal, for five years and we welcomed our crazy hair toddler into our lives on Memorial Day weekend of 2017. Before our son was born, my husband was pretty much a global citizen. Now he has proven to be such an anchor for our family. We proudly reside in Fairfield County.

Equipped with six years of infant/child care as a nanny, motherhood still came with its fair share of “newness.” My calm demeanor and wealth of knowledge somehow does not translate over into my own home. My parenting style is simply a mash-up of all styles.

I am a coffee and tea enthusiast, lover of all things food, and an aspiring food photographer. I am also a laundry procrastinator, animal and earth lover, venturing into a minimalist life to improve my carbon footprint and living a sustainable life trying to leave a better earth for our children to inherit.  

I am attempting to balance part-time corporate life, entrepreneurship and motherhood with as much order as I can possibly muster.

While I write this first blog post, several thoughts run through my mind such as, “Who would’ve thought?” “Is this for real?” and “Will my contribution to this blog be helpful?”

This post should have started with a thank you, but it’s never to too late, so here it goes; Thank you for welcoming this fly by the seat of your pants mom as a part of the wonderful community of contributors. In the past I have read articles nodding my head in agreement, smiling, and sometimes disagreeing but time after time I find myself coming back. I am happy to be a part of this family.

With a Pandora’s box of things to write, I hope these future contributions to FC Moms Blog are helpful. I am excited to share what I know now along with all the knowledge I will gather in the near future.



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