Meet Jenna: Maternal Instincts Not Included


I never liked kids.

I always felt awkward talking to them and never grew up with young cousins or babysat much. When getting my nurse practitioner degree, I even found a loophole in my pediatrics rotation. I did my clinical time commitment in a college health clinic because it technically counted as a “pediatric” population.

Most of my friends were single when I got married, so I was in unknown territory from the start. When I got pregnant, I was clueless but confident. I’ve seen 16 and Pregnant. If they could figure it out, two adults with doctoral-level education could excel! Yeah right.

Nothing humbles you like cleaning baby poop off your person at 3 a.m. while furiously Googling if it’s a normal color or consistency.

Eventually, I fell into a mom groove, met my mom tribe, and got so comfortable that I did it all over again two years later. I’m now an early-thirties mom to two amazing toddlers. I work full-time in healthcare and can be found most nights watching the latest serial killer documentary during the two hours between the kids’ bedtime and sleep. 

Despite my initial lack of natural maternal instincts, I settled into being a basic millennial mom, keeper of snacks, and toddler referee. 

I am a born and bred New Englander and Connecticutian. While I grew up in the historic town of Guilford, my husband hails from San Antonio, Texas (Go Spurs!) and never lived outside a major city. When we decided to put down roots, we couldn’t go too rural or too far away from New York City, so Fairfield County was a great choice. Enough nature and colonial history for me and enough restaurants and city accessibility for him. We are still fairly new to this area and enjoy navigating parenthood in our community.

I am so excited to get started with the Fairfield County Mom contributor team! Looking forward to sharing more about topics important to me in motherhood and explore Fairfield County.


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