Meet Emma: An Unexpected Journey Into Motherhood


Hi all! I’m Emma, a new contributor to the Fairfield County Mom’s Blog team. I’m a former NYC attorney temporarily turned Fairfield stay-at-home mom to my three year old identical twins girls, Charlotte and Grace. My husband Mike and I just celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and we are expecting a little boy at the end of July!

If you had told me five years ago that I would be writing for a blog focusing on motherhood, I probably would have laughed at you in disbelief. I was deep in my first “real” post law school job as a child welfare prosecutor in the South Bronx and the thought of kids was not on the planned horizon. Nevertheless, sometimes life has a funny way of throwing you some unexpected curveballs. 

I grew up in northeastern Connecticut with my amazing parents and identical twin sister (yes, I am an identical twin who had identical twins) and amongst the farms and cows, I quickly fell in love with the idea of city living. After college in New York and law school at the University of Connecticut, I mean who can resist some in state tuition, I moved to the city with my then boyfriend (now husband) to work for the city of New York as an agency attorney for the NYC Administration for Children’s Services doing neglect and abuse proceedings.

Mike and I married and very shortly after – bam – unplanned, unexpectedly I was pregnant. Candidly, it was a shock. Sure we were married and both had good jobs, but it came at us fast. And as soon as we finally wrapped our heads around the idea of having a kid, the second shock hit us. TWINS!

I will always remember leaving that ultrasound and sitting in silence somewhere on 93rd street, as all the waves hit. “How is this even possible?” I asked the technician. “I thought it skipped a generation!” Our families reactions were mixed, most notably my mother who as a twin mom herself did not hold back her concerns. My prior plans of making our 700 sq. foot upper east side apartment work with one baby didn’t seem so realistic anymore.

So, as the months went by and I got bigger, and BIGGER we decided that we had to leave the city, and with that I had to leave my job. My husband travels frequently and works long hours, so a commute to the Bronx everyday from Fairfield was certainly not in the cards for me. So when the twins were six months old, we packed up and moved to the Fairfield beach area. 

Admittedly being a mom was not an easy adjustment for me. I’m not sure if it was the nature of how it was such a sudden change from my social, fast-paced city life, or if it was the fact I transitioned to motherhood with very colicky twins who refused to sleep. Looking back on it all, I definitely had a strong case of PPD that I did not appropriately deal with. However, three years later with the support of my husband, family and good friends, I honestly could not have asked for a more fulfilled life.

They say when you have children, your heart now lives outside your body and for me that couldn’t be a truer statement. My girls are my absolute world. They are spunky, hilarious, wild beautiful souls who we affectionately refer to as our “tiny dictators.” As my husband would say, the apple really does not fall far from the tree here.

Nevertheless, with the impending arrival of their baby brother I am beyond nervous. So many questions, so many insecurities… Am I really about to become of “mom of three?” How will I juggle it all? How will I keep myself sane with two extremely sassy three years olds and a newborn? Thank goodness for best friends, reality television and wine.

I look forward to being a part of this team and sharing my journey with you all. I hope if anything, my musings on motherhood connect with yours, if even on small levels. Stay tuned!

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Emma is a stay-at-home mom to her identical twin daughters, Charlotte and Grace (born March 2016) and her son Crosby (born July 2019). She currently resides in Fairfield with her children and her husband Mike. Emma is originally from northeastern CT and worked and lived in Stamford and New York City as an attorney until her daughters were born. Though she misses certain aspects of city life, there really is no better place then living by the beach. When she is not being hounded for snacks or trying to pry her kids off the highest point of the playground, she enjoys going out with friends, trying new restaurants on date nights, binging Bravo and staying active.


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