The Minimalist Mom-Drobe: May Black & White


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Motherhood forces gently nudges you to simplify absolutely everything in your life. This is true whether you’re a working mom or SAHM (I’ve been both).

The time slot to dress yourself in the morning evaporates grows instantly narrower. Not to mention, even nine months after giving birth and dropping (almost) all of my pregnancy weight, I’m still not quite fitting back into my pre-baby clothes. My tailored peg pants and slim pencil skirts have been grudgingly replaced with a neatly-hung row of nearly identical black leggings. (They ARE pants. In case you were wondering).

I’m still working on restoring my beloved closet to its former glory, but here’s what definitely is (or will be) inside it this month:

INSPIRATION: Classic Black & White

Courtesy of The Chronicles Of Her


  • Not-Just-Any Black Leggings. Becoming a mom has made me a legging snob. Those gauzy, see-through cheapies just aren’t cutting it anymore. I’ve traded up for the silky-smooth LulaRoe TC variety. A girlfriend of mine is a consultant, and she’s basically become my version of a clothing drug-dealer.


  • Extra Long White Button-Down. Considering your bra size might have increased, it’s sometimes tough to avoid the keyhole effect (read: popping buttons), but an oversized version of this staple (or just buy a size up) with some added length, like this tuxedo-front one from Target, should do the trick.

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  • Glossy Patent Leather Flats. I’m obsessed with Everlane lately for high quality, simple and modern basics. These pointy loafers are chic, functional and a way more comfortable option than stilettos for the office or a playgroup.

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  • Cross-Body Handbag. My shoulders are so out of whack from carrying my 27-lb. mack truck bundle of joy that a convertible leather purse isn’t a desire, it’s a necessity. This version from Lo and Sons, called “The Pearl” boasts a roomy interior space and even has space enough for an iPad alongside your LO’s toys.

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  • Mix It Up. You can wear this outfit all month long by adding a little flair with a bevy of accessories like a relaxed, wide-brimmed hat, lightweight blanket scarf, and/or lanyard-style necklace, or top it off with a trendy spring trench.

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Happy Spring! What will you be wearing?

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