Finding the Best Masks


face masksSo here we are, beginning the second half of 2020 and hoping for the best! Things are starting to open with restrictions and safety measures in place so that we can enjoy things and try to keep each other safe and healthy when interacting.

To enter many locations, masks or face coverings are required. The intent is to help keep everyone safe, which is so important. Is it ideal, not really, but if I can prevent someone from getting sick, then give me all the masks!

Well, not really all the masks, just a few! If you’ve been like me, my social media feed is full of masks for kids, for adults, color your own, and people in town making them! (In my head I sing, “Masks, masks, everywhere a mask!” to the tune of Signs by Five Man Electrical Band).

There are mask options everywhere, and it’s overwhelming!

In April, I realized I’d needed to get some reusable ones for my girls and myself. I ended up getting them Frozen and Moana ones from Etsy. As we started to venture out a little bit more, I realized I needed to get them some backups, and I purchased them locally.

Now that we’re in the mask-game for the foreseeable future, I really want to get some good quality ones for all of us. Therefore, I needed to do some research on the best masks for kids and adults. So, I did a Google search and looked at a couple of Facebook posts, and I wanted to share the feedback.  

Top 4  Recommended Brands for Masks

Athleta – There are two types available, although the “Made to Move” 3-pack seems to be very popular for adults and kids. The “Everyday” is also available at a lower price point.

JoahLove – These masks are available for anyone in the family. They do have a higher price point of $20, but for each mask purchased, they donate a mask to someone in need.  I received a lot of great feedback on these, especially for kids, as they have adjustable ears and can match their parents.

Old Navy – Coming in very well priced at 5 for $12.50 ($2.50 a mask), they have cute patterns for adults and kids. These were a popular recommendation among friends as well. 

Target – I heard good things about these, mostly for kids. Online I was only able to see two different kinds here and here. The price point is very good on these as well.

Girls masks from Etsy and a local boutique.

More Recommended Brands

American Eagle – Cute prints at different price points for different fits. Plus, there are a few with an antimicrobial coating. 20% of sales go toward the Crisis Text Line. And bonus, if you love scrunchies, they have matching sets so your mask can match your scrunchie!

Booginhead – They may be a bit on the heavier side, so probably best for cooler weather.  Also, 100% of facemask sales go toward COVID-19 aid organizations.

Dippin’ Daisy’s Swimwear – These seem to be made of swimwear material and have great reviews. Medium on the price scale at $10 per mask, but they donate a mask for each purchase to a patient or front-line worker. You can also get a bathing suit to match your mask!

InkBurn – This company releases different mask designs everyday! They do come in at a higher price point of $24.95. A reviewer said they are very comfortable in the heat and have been able to help keep the wearers cool.

Love Your Melon – They have a variety of styles and do have a price point at $15 & $20.  They do donate a mask to the medical community for each purchase.  

Miami Fitwear – These come in adult and kids sizes with a great variety of prints with filter pockets. You also have the option to buy a 5-pack of certain styles. These masks start at $15.

Sanctuary – I was told these were very comfortable. They also offer a family 10-pack for $42, which includes five adult and five kid masks.

Other Ways To Get Masks

Ask A Friend – Until March, I didn’t know so many of my friends knew how to sew! Many of them started making them for essential and health care workers and then starting offering to make for friends in the community. I’ve already gotten one from a local friend and will probably get more from another as I heard they are very comfortable.

Etsy – They have an amazing variety of masks. Perks are you can probably find a favorite character print from someone’s store, and they have masks for kids to color or create their design. Also, maybe you know someone who has an Etsy shop, and you can support them!

Fundraisers – One unique tip that I got was how comfortable masks were from a local organization’s fundraiser! Make sure to check with some of your favorite non-profits to see if they are selling masks. It’s a great way to support them.

Local, Local, Local – Shop locally! There are so many stores in our towns that are selling them too! They can always use business, especially now! Give a call to your favorite boutique or show them some love by following them on social media to see their mask options. Also, some credit card companies are giving customers incentives to shop locally, so be sure to check if any of your credit card companies are participating!

Make Your Own – You can even make your own with materials you have at home. Here is a “No Sew” video where all you need is a cloth square and some hair-ties or rubber bands. 

There are so many options out there for masks to help us stay safe around others. Once you have some amazing masks, one big question is: “How do I get my kids to keep them on?” I just gave my girls their Frozen and Moana masks, and they were super excited to wear them. I’m not sure if it’s because they saw my mom wear one, but they happily wear them at ages 4 and 7. I told them it’s to keep everyone safe (like a superhero), and there doesn’t seem to be an issue. I’m sure I’ve lucked out in this case, but here are some tips on how to approach it with your kids.   

After doing looking into all these different options, I was so happy to see that so many companies are donating back to organizations that they have found need help right now.

If you have a favorite mask or a great mask tip, please share it in the comments! Stay safe, and stay well!


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