Making the Most of Spooky Season


A family celebrating spooky season.Spooky season is upon us! For some of us (me), we started in July. For others, October 1st and a chill in the air is the cue to start enjoying the fall season. Here are some tips to make the most of your spooky season with the whole family.

Fright Night

Movie night is a great tradition for families of all ages. Share some of these spooky picks with your family.

For the Littles:

Halloweentown (A 1990’s favorite), Nightmare Before Christmas (Get ready to hear the songs over and over), It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (Classic). 

School Age Kiddos:

Hocus Pocus (DUH), Under Wraps (A recent re-make of the 1997 classic was a hit), Addams Family (Addams Family Values is my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with any of them). 

Teenagers and Beyond:

Halloween (The original, not the re-make), Beetlejuice (Adult humor without being too scary), The Shining (scary without being gory).

Scary-Delicious Recipes

There are endless recipes and ideas to make everyday items spooky and fun. Here are some easy ways to get into the holiday spirit. 

Hot Dog Fingers takes a typical weeknight dish to a fun new level.

Spider Cookies are a fun family cookie everyone can enjoy.

Witches Brew black sangria for a mom’s night or date night in.

Ghouls Night Out

New England has no shortage of spooky day/night activities for all ages and stages.

Pumpkintown USA {East Hampton CT}: A non-scary fall attraction in idyllic East Hampton, CT, Pumpkintown USA is fun for the whole family. Come check out pumpkin head people in a fun and different scenarios. Stroll through the village or drive through the forest for “the ride.” Perfect for spooky little friends or some scare-averse adults. 

Legends of Fear {Shelton, CT}: For school-age and older kids and adult ghouls or guys’ night out, Legends of Fear has two main attractions – the haunted hayride and the haunted trail. Kids under 12 should stick to the hayride. They have a “lights on” attraction where you can walk through the haunted trail without spooky actors, but this is 4+ and recommended 10+. Personally, get a babysitter, 10/10 recommended, and bring your friends to scream and laugh along. 

Salem {Massachusetts} Go to the historic sites and the old Salem village, check out the filming locations for Hocus Pocus, check out some witchy shops, or the iconic Witch House. A three-hour drive from most of Fairfield County, Salem is THE spooky season hub. There are activities for all ages or a parents-only weekend away. 

Union Cemetery {Easton, CT}: One of the most (allegedly) haunted sites in the United States? Right here in Easton, Connecticut! The Union Cemetery is 400 years old and supposedly home to the “white lady” and “red eyes.” This is a ghost-hunter must-visit for the truly spooky adventurers among us and their teenage and older children. (Please use discretion in visiting this site. It is closed from dawn to dusk). 

What is your family’s favorite way to celebrate the spooky season? Let me know in the comments!


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