The Lunacy Of Logistics


As soon as I found out I was pregnant I started preparing myself. Preparing myself for the sleepless nights, the crying, the diaper blow-outs and the trips to the pediatrician. These are all the common things we think of when we first realize we are going to embark on this crazy trip called motherhood. Of course the universe has a sense of a humor. It throws problems at you out of no where. Problems you didn’t even think were problems. The major problem I deal with on a daily basis – logistics!

logisticsThe Lunacy Of It All

An example of the lunacy is that both my children get home from school around the same time. My son is in pre-school so I have to be there to get him off the bus. My daughter has an after school activity until 4:30 p.m. So at 4:15 p.m. my son gets off the bus. He’s hangry so I have to run him in the house to get a quick snack. He’s in the process of taking off his coat and shoes and I tell him to stop because we have to pick up his sister at school. I get him in the car (with a snack pack of Goldfish handy), run to my daughter’s school and pick her up.  

The school is very strict that we be there right at 4:30 p.m. when the program ends. It’s now 4:35 and no sign of my daughter. Finally around 4:40 she emerges, I rush her into the car and jet back home. We don’t even go into the house because she has soccer practice at 5. I change her in the garage and load her back in the car (after getting two more snack packs of Goldfish). We race to soccer practice and I drop her off, just to pick her up again at 6:30.

While she’s at practice I start cooking. That in and of itself takes thinking. How much do I cook so dinner isn’t completely ready but close enough by the time I have to leave? I mean who wants to eat a cold dinner after running around all day? I pick up my daughter at 6:30, run her back home in time for dinner and homework and before I know it, it’s bedtime. Honestly, I’m tired writing this.

How To Cope with the Lunacy

When I was newly pregnant, I never considered that I would be running around like a chicken without a head. Since I was completely unprepared for it I found some things that work for me in dealing with the lunacy.

1. Have a Calendar 

Write (or type) everything down into your calendar. If possible have a shared calendar with your spouse so everyone knows whats going and you can coordinate if need be.

Find Friends and Carpool

I’m lucky enough that my neighbor’s daughter has soccer practice the same time as mine. So we alternate pick-up and drop-offs. It doesn’t happen every week but is so helpful when it does. Make friends with a parent and see if you can help each other out. I promise they are drowning in activities just as much as you.

Plan, Plan, Plan

You have to plan out how things will work ahead of time. If there is no plan, you’ll be even more frazzled. I’ve found that if I know what’s going to happen (even if it’s to the minute), I’m less stressed (noticed I didn’t say NOT stressed).

So if you’re newly pregnant prepare yourself for the lunacy of logistics!

How do you deal with the lunacy of logistics? 


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