A Love Letter to My Husband for Valentine’s Day


husbandDear Husband,

Every night we sit on the couch after tucking our kids into bed, and we reflect on the day. We talk about how grateful we are for our village for helping us survive this stage of our lives. 

But have I ever truly expressed my gratitude to you? I know I’ve said things like “you’re the best” and “I can’t imagine a better husband or dad than you” but I don’t think I have ever explained why I truly believe that with my whole heart.

You may not realize this but I notice it all. I notice that you come racing home from work as soon as you’re done so that you can play with the kids while I cook dinner.

I notice that you get up out of bed first, every single time one of our kids call us in the middle of the night, because you want me to get sleep.

I notice that you don’t complain when I leave on a Saturday during nap time to get some much needed “me time.”

I notice the countless laundry loads you do, the dishes you put away, the spills you clean up without ever needing to be reminded or asked.

I notice the times you go out of your way to pick my up my coffee on your way home from an errand in the morning.

I notice the hours of your life you sacrifice sitting next to our daughters’ bed, getting her to sleep.

I notice the baths you give, books you read, boo boos you kiss.

I not only notice them, I appreciate them. Thank you does not seem like enough. Thanks for being my teammate. Thanks for doing this with me. Thanks for never letting me down. You thought that giving me these kids would complete my life and give me the purpose I was looking for. You thought that having kids would fulfill my dream of becoming a mom. And you were right.

But I don’t think you realized what our little family would do for you and the purpose it would provide. I’m not sure you knew just how good at this parenting thing you would be.

Let me be the first to tell you…you are incredible.

I don’t take your help, sacrifice, or love for granted. The fact that I have a true partner in parenting is truly a dream come true. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes.

Happy Valentine’s Day. All your girls love you.


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