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A woman on her phone.I love influencers and blogs. They have come a long way in the past few years! I guess it’s no surprise that I ended up as a Fairfield County Mom contributing writer. I love sharing my thoughts and things I love. I love learning about experiences that other women share. Influencers often expose me to new places, ideas, hacks, and tips.

To help connect you to some of my favorites, I’ve rounded up a list of 17 local influencers located in and around Fairfield County. Stay tuned for Local Influencers: Part Two with more wonderful influencers in our area.

1. Happily Eva After

Eve is a mom to three kids, actress, entrepenuer, and blogger! She covers many topics from co-parenting to delicious recipes to beauty and fashion. Eva even has her own fashion line, the Happily Eva After Collection.

2. Lemon Stripes

Julia brings us along with her adventures in style, motherhood, healthy living, travel, home decor, and family life. Her website perfectly captures what she shares with her followers in that her goal is to make you smile on a daily basis, but also to talk about real topics in an honest way, something that she hadn’t seen being done in the world of blogging very often.

3. Brunch with Babs

A local grandmother and mom to local influencer Mrs. Nipple, Babs has taken the nation by storm with her enthusiastic attitude and practical recipes, shared on TikTok and Instagram. She has collected hundreds of recipes over the decades, and has curated the top 100 recipes for your family occasions in her new book, Celebrate with Babs.

4. Mrs. Nipple

Elizabeth Ariola is Babs’ daughter and is a must-follow for beautiful design, fashion, navigating real life with three kids, and travel!

5. Pure Joy Home

A mom of three kids, Liz Joy covers so many topics, including clothes, home decor, kids, and beauty. She provides great hacks for fashion and home dcor and also shares great recipes.

6. luua

Local educator, Sharon Cowley, has done it again! Recently branching out to a more formal website, luua, Sharon has created a resource-rich landing spot for parents. She understands and reminds adults that children’s language is play, and through her amazing website, she helps build deep connections with children in our lives. luua is a community of learners who come together to solve problems and connect with the world. The focus is on communities and how we can all be connected.

7. GirlieGirlArmy

Recent NYC transplant to the FC, Chloe Jo Davis, is a mom on a mission. When I first met her, I could tell Chloe meant every word of her Glamazon Guide to Conscious Living; a one-stop online resource for a ferociously progressive, urban-minded approach to cruelty-free living! A mom of three boys and many rescue pets, Chloe is nonstop working with communities in need while rocking the latest fashion. 

8. Mindset, Movement + Mom Life

Lisa, a transplant from New Jersey, is on a mission to help busy moms take control of their wellness. A mom of two handsome and active young boys, Lisa is no stranger to juggling her needs with her family’s. She is constantly moving, like her boys, and ready to help moms get back on their feet with fitness and wellness.

9. Hey Stamford

Don’t be dissuaded by the name, Hey Stamford covers more than just local Stamford news. Founder and creator PJ Kennedy is a Stamfordite, born and bred. I love following his IG account and getting the weekly emails to keep myself in the loop of all things Fairfield County-related.

10. Camp By Mama

Megan and her three gorgeous kids rule Fairfield County! From dance recitals to magazine covers, there’s nothing they can’t do (or don’t know about). Her Instagram account is my go-to for new and unique local family-friendly activities. As a former Fairfield County Mom contributor, she makes the best TikToks, even if her husband won’t participate!

11. Sonique Says

Stamford-based blogger Sonique focuses on doing good for the world, one cup of coffee at a time. She’s also another former Fairfield County Mom contributor! I love following her page on Instagram. Sonique is always up to explore and support local, women-owned businesses, especially coffee shops and cool new restaurants. 

12. Here Wee Read

Blogger Charnaie shares reviews of diverse children’s books and her adventures traveling with her children. As a mom and elementary teacher, I love this blog because it helps to expand my library, both at home and in the classroom.

13. Mommin’ in Style

Another former Fairfield County Mom contributor, Jessica, is a boy mom and middle school history teacher with a passion for fashion. My favorites are her Target hauls and teacher #ootd.

14. The Laura Young

This new boy mom (and fur mom) is another local teacher who offers lots of tips for moms of younger elementary students and healthy eating recipes.

15. Design Darling

A 31-year-old redhead living in Darien, CT with her husband and son, Mackenzie Horan Beuttenmulle, started her blog while she was at Bucknell. Design Darling is a blog about the people, places, and things she loves. She writes about decorating and personal style, keeping a list of 101 things she’d like to accomplish in 1,001 days, and shares bits and pieces of her life. 

16. Hilary Tolle Carter

This food allergy mom and advocate is taking care of business and leading the troops as she raises allergy awareness. A local mom of two boys, Hilary does it all. She has a Take Action YouTube channel and is on the FARE Board of Governors. The most amazing thing about Hilary is that she is always friendly and well put together. If you, or anyone you love, is managing food allergies, this is the mom to follow,

17. Westchester County Mom

Yup, our NY neighbors are owned and operated by the same owner as Fairfield County Mom. Westchester County Mom is a locally-focused parenting resource for moms and families. Passionate about parenting and our community, Westchester County Mom strives to connect area moms to relevant resources, local businesses, can’t-miss happenings, and most of all — each other!

What are your favorite local influencers to follow?

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Maria is a full-time mom, teacher, wife, daughter, and sister, who feels pulled in too many directions! Her older son Michael took over 24 hours to be born, and at six-months-old was diagnosed with allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts, soy, shrimp, and wheat…all after exclusively nursing because she was SO SURE that would help him be a healthy kid. Luckily at age 1, he began to outgrow some of his allergies. Fingers crossed the others will soon follow because that plus a husband who doesn’t eat any veggies and Maria always battling her weight makes for three meals to prepare every night. Luckily, Christopher, her younger son, is a cooperative eater! As someone who has always been committed to making positive change, Maria uses her privilege and position as an educator and mom to work toward a most anti-racisit, equitibile, and inclusive world. Recently, Maria has even started getting up at 5am to workout in her basement. (Thank you pandemic living!) She is addicted to reading chicklit on her Kindle app in the dark, most Trader Joe’s products, and watching TikToks.


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  2. Thank you so much for including me amongst these amazing others! An honor and privilege to serve my fellow sisters in motherhood along the wild ride were on together!💜


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