Little-Big Girl – Can She Still Be Little?


Over the past three years I’ve watched my little baby become an opinionated “big” girl. I remember one morning when she was almost seven months old, I went to get her from a nap and she was standing in her crib and low and behold two teeth had popped through. This was just one of many “big” girl moments. With every milestone she has become more independent, more vocal, and shockingly, physically bigger.


The most changes I’ve seen though have been since we brought her little sisters home. How many times did I tell her she would be a “big” sister? Or what a “big” helper she was? Too many times to even count. Then when the babies were about two months old she potty trained. Again, all the praise of what a “big” girl she was by going on the potty.

Well, now she truly believes she is a “big” girl. She has attempted to do things that adults do, such as trying to drive the car (don’t worry no keys were in the car, but I was instructed to get them and put a song on), letting expected guests in the house, and perhaps deciding she would like to go outside by herself. She also claims now that she is the “mommy” and nurses her dolls, changes them, and speaks to them the same way I do to her sisters. Putting her dishes in the sink and her spoons in the dishwasher has become a daily routine.

Untitled design (9)
Before the babies arrived.

I love that she feels so independent and mature, but then there are the moments when she melts down for ridiculous reasons. A recent example: I didn’t perform the correct verse during “Wheels on the Bus.” Also, she still refuses to put her underwear and pants on by herself. Then I remember, yes she is three, she is still so little.

So now I wonder, what other praise can I give her for these milestones and budding maturity, without telling her she is so “big?”  She just needs to be little a while longer.

What’s a mom to do?


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