Less Screens for ME


A woman reading a book.Anyone in the education field will tell you that since we shifted back to being in school buildings full-time after experiencing remote and hybrid learning, we are still very reliant on our technology. Because of this, I find myself staring at my computer, phone, tablet, or Promethean board for most of my day.

I am not much of a resolution person. I try to take small steps to better my life year-round, and after over a week off from work and very minimal time spent on my computer, I want to make an effort to be on my screens less this year. 

There are a few steps I can take to make this happen. 

1. I will get as much work done as possible while I am at school.

A teacher’s day does not end when the bell rings, but I can stay a bit later if I have to or manage my non-instructional period better to limit how much I have to work at home. 

2. I will be more conscious of the time spent on my phone.

After school, I spend a lot of time scrolling because I am often in my car waiting on one of my kids at an activity or trying to catch up with friends, emails, etc. I think much of this can wait or be scheduled for an hour a day.

3. At night, I will read instead of watching television. 

None of this will be easy for me, and it will take practice and a schedule to get used to, but I am noticing head pressure and eye strain that I want to minimize. 

What about my kids? They, with my husband’s help, have worked out a beautiful balance. They are very busy and active. Between school, their extra-curricular activities, and routines at home, they are getting minimal screen time most days. I need to be more like them!

As I work on bettering myself in the new year, lessening time on my screens is a good place to start. 


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