Leggings and Vests


I don’t think there is a more comfortable piece of clothing than leggings. There is only one issue I have with my favorite legwear; they have no pockets. As a busy mom, pockets are a practical way to help keep track of my things… mostly my phone. But don’t fret my friends I have a simple, fashionable solution to help us all … VESTS! Leggings and vests are an absolutely perfect pair. Here are some outfit inspirations to get you started on this fabulously functional fashion combo.

Professional Leggings

I am totally in the camp that leggings can and should be worn to work. That being said, you have to follow the golden rule of leggings to create a sleek and professional look. Always be sure to wear a longer top. Here I choose a black tunic top. I also went with Ponte pants. Basically, they are leggings that are slightly thinker and, in my opinion, have a more “polished” look.

Another tip for dressing up leggings is adding a scarf and statement jewelry to bring attention to your face and not your pants. I chose this super soft and stylish Stella and Dot scarf and these awesome JCrew earrings (similar). I love how the hot pink puffer vest ties the whole look together. This outfit would also be a great choice if you had some after work commitments as it can seamlessly transition from day to night. For a really chic look, try pairing your leggings with a fitted blazer and some pumps.

Leggings as Tights

Ladies, this might be my favorite way to wear leggings to work. Dresses are my jam, and tights can be a nuisance with runs and their restrictive feeling. Well, next time you go to grab a pair of tights, try a pair of leggings instead. I am obsessed with these Hue brown leggings. Blue and white are my school’s colors, so I own a lot of navy and blue dresses and the chocolate brown color of these leggings work perfectly so that I can wear many of the dress I love year-round. A classic pair of brown boots and the ever-popular puffer vest make this a perfect outfit for any mom.

Cool, Casual, and in a PRINT!


When you’re just running around, wear your leggings with sneakers and a cozy long sleeve tee. These fun camo print leggings are basically like wearing sweatpants. And I love the texture the Patagonia sweater vests adds to the outfit. Patterned leggings like these are so much fun but can be hard to wear. Pair them with basic shirts like white, black, or another solid color. Whether you are chauffeuring your kids around or just leaving the gym, throw on a denim jacket and sunglasses for an instant touch of glam. Bonus mom hack – the pockets in the vest mean you can run all your errands sans purse.

Textured Leggingsleggings

I feel like this outfit screams, take me to the Xmas Tree Farm! The textured leggings offer a great visual contrast, and I have had a slight obsession with buffalo check lately. Hunter boots are an amazing choice year-round and work really well with leggings.

Holiday Party


Wear leggings to a Holiday party? I say, why not! They are comfortable, fashionable, and can easily be dressed up for a swanky event. Here I paired a basic pair of solid black leggings with a sleek black blouse. I love the monochromatic look, as it is very figure flattering. To give the outfit some color and texture, I chose this faux fur vest, which is super fun and trendy. Add some big earrings and pumps, and you are ready to be social the whole night… IN elastic waist pants for the win.

Do you wear leggings with vests?

What is your favorite way to style leggings?

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