Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Halloween is a few days away. I know as an adult, I’ve had a difficult time in the past trying to come up with a last minute costume. I usually try to go through my closet and fall short. For kids, it seems to be easier. Here’s how that can happen.

Look through your kids closets. There may be some good treasures there without you realizing, like silly winter hats or t-shirts with super hero logos. From there, the costume can be easy. For example, we have a raccoon hat for winter that you can wear with a grey sweatsuit to make the body of the raccoon. For the hands wear thin black gloves and for the tail you can stuff a gray sock to pin to the sweatpants. Wrap the tail with black tape. No need to put make up on as the face is already on the hat!

Hats with faces cut down getting ready time
Hats with faces cut down getting ready time
Sock with electrical tape= tail!
Sock with electrical tape= tail!
Attach to pants and now it's an animal!
Attach to pants and now it’s an animal!

Another cute costume idea, I happened to find on Pinterest, was Clark Kent turning into Superman. Old Navy happens to sell button down shirts with a necktie attached. Simply add a Superman “S” t-shirt or onesie under the button down and wear with jeans and fake glasses. Superhero created, and crisis averted!

For those of you who will be wearing a baby carrier, you can turn the carrier into an old fashioned popcorn bag. I found this one on Pinterest last year when my little guy was in a carrier. All you do is attach a large piece of white felt to your carrier. Cut stripes out of red felt and place the felt vertically on the white felt.  No need to glue – felt sticks to felt! Lastly, add popcorn to a baby hat you are no longer using or cover a hat with felt and add popcorn to the felt.

Are you short on time for a DIY or hack, but don’t want to brave the costume store? Pharmacies such as CVS or Walgreens, Marshall’s, T.J. Maxx, Home Goods and some toy stores (dress up section) sell costumes.

 I hope these tips help and that you and your little ones save time trying to come up with last minute costumes. Any suggestions to add? Please comment below!


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