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Trying to reason with a toddler is like negotiating with a terrorist. This became abundantly clear when my husband and I started potty training our two year old twins.

We were three months into the process when we discovered Fairfield County Moms Blog sponsor, Kudo Banz. (Is potty training supposed to take months!?). After many bribes including stickers, toys and snacks (SO many snacks) we were ready to try something new.

Kudo Banz is a smart parenting toy that motivates kids to listen better and learn new skills in a positive manner. It was created by parents who recognized the need for an effective parenting tool! The inventor is a mom of three who used it on her own kids and saw success!

I love supporting mom run businesses so was happy to support a fellow mom right off the bat! The Kudo Banz are great because the package includes an entire experience for you and your child! The Kudo Banz Starter Kit comes with 2 bracelets, a basic charm set and a book.

On the morning of our trial run we got out the accompanying book and read them the story of “The Adventures of Drago and George.” Reading about other kids using the bands began to get them excited! Because my twins are only two, sitting still for the story itself was a challenging task, hence our first reward! If you sit still for the entire story you get rewarded with your fun new bracelet!

kudo banz

Each band comes with a selection of charms that fasten on. To add to the fun you can order an additional Kudo Collection to gain access to even more fun charms such as superheroes and princesses. My twins LOVE being given a choice, so picking out their own charm was half of the fun!

Throughout the weekend we used the charms as a reward for using the potty. Upon receiving their third charm in a row each twin got a turn spinning the reward wheel on my phone. Tying an interactive phone app into the Kudo Banz is genius!

My toddlers are obsessed with electronics so getting the chance to spin the wheel was exciting for them. The rewards are fully customizable so that you can tailor them to what you know will motivate your child! In my house that’s usually You Tube videos or more snacks!

Two year olds have the attention span of a gnat so after a few days their interest definitely waned. I can see how the sweet spot for the bands may be an older child of 4 or 5. That being said, I am grateful for some potty training success and plan on keeping Kudo Banz in my arsenal!

They are a great tool for any parent looking to implement positive reinforcement, leading to lasting results! It is important to recognize positive behavior when it occurs and for kids to understand and learn from it!

I know many moms depend on Elf on the Shelf this time of year, but don’t forget he (or she) flies back to the North Pole! Kudo Banz is the solution for good behavior once your elf has retired for the season. As a busy working mom I plan on bringing this parenting solution on the go all year round!

Kudo Banz is offering all Fairfield County Moms Blog readers $5 off Kudo Banz! Be sure to use the code: 5offKudos

For further information on Kudo Banz, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

This post was sponsored by Kudo Banz, but the opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.


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