Kids’ Reusable Food Containers


Before you know it, the summer will be over, and we are all scrambling to find school supplies, labels, and the best food containers to pack lunch for kiddos to go to school. Will they eat what was packed remains to be seen, but here we go.

Summer lunches, school lunches, or year-round work lunches…how do you pack them? These are some options I am considering. A key factor in my decision to purchase these lunchboxes is to minimize waste. We need to be more mindful of the packaging we use.


They make a 1% donation of their proceeds to protecting the ocean. This company is a certified B Corp and also part of the planet organization. 

Use: sandwich bag, snacks bag, and mask holder.

Price point: $9.99 


To promote waste-free lunch packaging, 20% of profits go to schools, and this company is also another B Corp.

Uses: lunches and possibly your very own leftovers

Price point: $16.95-24.95


Stainless steel is always a plus, but their carry bags are made of 100% recycled polyester. This is very popular in the Pinterest world, boasting two compartments ideal for the moms who attempt to or rather need to have an aesthetically pleasing lunch box layout for their little ones.

Price point: $55.95


These come in at the most popular round since they are very colorful and appealing to carry. Features such as microwave safe, dishwasher safe, leak-proof, and rubberized edge for durability are perfect for both kids and adults.

Price point: $15.99


Known for its popularity as a water bottle, this company also has food flasks and lunch boxes. Hot or cold temperature options make food choices easy, and they are also colorful, which can be a favorite for our little ones.

Price point: $35.30


Not a container, but this natural food cover alternative is easy to wash and air dry. Its uses vary from covering a bowl to wrapping fruits and sandwiches. This is a sustainable choice made from organic treated cotton with natural oils. 

Price point: $18.00

I would love to know what food containers you use and what other fantastic options out there for packing daily lunches. Comment below!

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