Going Out to Eat with Kids: Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Fairfield County


A family eating pizza in a restaurant.Going out to eat as a family is one of my favorite activities. My husband and I love good food and exposing our kids to different restaurants. We can frequently be found getting fast, quality food for the kids at local diners, Panera, or Chip’s. However, we’ve also found that quite a few of our favorite eateries can be a lot of fun to patronize as a family.

We love being able to sit and enjoy our food while the kids dine on kid-friendly fare. We now keep a running list of places that are quiet enough to carry on family conversations but loud enough that we won’t get dirty looks if one kid lets out an excited squeal or a frustrated whine. Places that have delicious grown-up food (and hopefully beverages) as well as kids’ menus and high chairs. Places with plastic water cups where the servers won’t roll their eyes if my son still manages to spill. Places where my kids can learn to order for themselves, wait patiently, and try new foods.

So, pack up your Water Wows and your Wikki Stix (trust me on those), and give our favorite spots a try. Here is a list of some great kid-friendly restaurants in Fairfield County.

1. Bartaco {Stamford & Westport}
2. Little Barn {Westport & Shelton}
3. Flipside (Fairfield}
4. Sakura {Westport}
5. Geronimo {Fairfield}
6. Valencia Luncheria {Norwalk}
7. Spotted Horse {Westport & Shelton}
8. Red Rooster {Wilton, Newtown &Ridgefield}
9. Rizzuto’s {Westport}
10. Quattro Pazzi {Fairfield}
11. Cactus Rose {Wilton}
12. Oak & Almond {Norwalk}
13. Gates {New Canaan}
14. 850 Degrees {Ridgefield}
15. Coal House Pizza {Stamford}
16. Locali {New Canaan}
17. Remos Pizza {Stamford}

 Where are your favorite kid-friendly restaurants? 


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