Keeping That Spark Alive


A man and woman kissing in the kitchen.Before all this baby stuff, it was just my hubby and me. Before we knew it, our days as a couple traveling the world and living one nonstop date night were over. Sometimes I think about it and fondly remember those moments of sleeping in and going out for breakfast followed by a spontaneous adventure for the day. I remember planning a vacation without considering all the amenities at the hotel and checking just one piece of luggage for both of us. All those times brought us to our life with our family today.  

Now, I am busy making new memories and luxuriating in the warmth of the new family we created. But here’s how I’m keeping the spark alive!

Share a romantic meal.  

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to find a babysitter and go to a fancy restaurant. Sometimes it just means putting the kids to bed first and then having a nice, quiet dinner together.

Take time to listen to each other.

Sometimes when we are busy with our hectic schedules, it’s easy to dismiss what each other is saying. Make a conscious effort to perk up those ears and listen. It goes a long way.

Compliment your partner.  

Who said compliments work mostly for women? No way! We’ve all figured out by now that if we throw our hubbys’ compliments too, it can equally boost their self-esteem.

Text your partner.

Send each other a sweet text once in a while. It can feel nice to get a text that doesn’t have to be a reminder or an errand that needs to be taken care of.

Surprise each other with some help around the house.

Surprise the one that usually cooks by picking something up on the way home. Or clean or fix something that the other person usually takes care of. Helping out around the house can be a huge stress reliever.

Hold hands and hug!

Cheesy? Maybe, but sharing affection is a very important part of connecting! Try this seven-day intimacy challenge!

These are just a few ways to keep our relationships fresh. In the crazy chaos, it’s nice to take some time to enjoy each other. How do you keep the spark alive?


  1. Love this. We sometimes have date dinners after the kids go to bed in our dining room or on our deck. We get take-out from a favorite restaurant, and we don’t need a babysitter!

  2. We sometimes do a date day. While our daughter is at school, we’ll take the day off of work and do something fun somewhere in CT. We never go too far, but we have some really fun dates that start at 9am! We usually grab breakfast at a diner, sitting as long as we like and drinking coffee after coffee, just chatting. A couple of times we’ve gone to Mohegan and then shopped at the Outlets. In June, we can hit the beach. New Haven is beautiful in the fall. There’s tons to do during the day, and we enjoy every minute of it.

    • Thanks for sharing Alicia! Actually, I’m right with you on this one. We love to do day time dates too. It gives playing hooky something to really look forward to. Maybe I’ll see you at Mohegan next time ;o)

  3. […] I like to use this opportunity to reflect on the past year and our accomplishments as a couple. Having children definitely puts a strain on any marriage. You can get so caught up in caring for your children’s needs that you can easily become distracted from what your partner needs. It is so important to keep the spark alive. […]


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