Are Intuitive Mediums Exempt from Grief?


As an intuitive medium, I’m often asked if we, as a group, are exempt from the grief process because we understand what is on the other side. I think it’s an interesting question to ponder. However, I also think there’s a big difference between having an idea about what happens after we die and what’s next.

Humans feel grief, whether we think we know what lies beyond or not.

Although I connect with people (and animals!) who have passed on from the physical world, I have no idea about the vastness of the spiritual world. It’s a world that is incomprehensible by our linear view of the world and time.

We recently had to put our dog to sleep. We had to explain to our children that she was old and in pain. It wasn’t fair to her to keep her suffering, so we had to help her die. If you knew our dog, you either loved her or couldn’t stand her. She was neurotic, anxious, had a brain-piercing bark, and would go to great lengths to steal any food she could reach (even raw chicken from the middle of the kitchen island!).

When the veterinarian administered the drug and told us she had passed, sadness welled up inside of me. It was unexpected. As I held my children, who were crying softly on either side of me, I realized we would miss her terribly. And as I sit at my desk, writing about her and deciding on a picture for this post, I still feel sad. I still miss her.

Being a medium is interesting, to say the least. We definitely are not exempt from grieving when we lose a loved one, but I believe we are comforted by the knowledge that all is healed on the other side.

Are intuitive mediums exempt from grief? Absolutely not. We still need to learn how to live without our loved ones, knowing the hole in our hearts will never quite be filled.

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Charity is originally from CT, but grew up in New Hampshire. She returned to CT in 2000 for college, and currently resides in Monroe with her husband (married in 2011) and three children (A son born in 2012 and identical twin daughters born in 2017). Charity works part time as a Speech-Language Pathologist for the CT Birth to Three system. She thinks it's the best of both worlds because she gets to work in a job she loves (and needs to pay off those hefty grad school loans!) and be home a few days a week with her children. Charity enjoys theatre, and brings her son often. This past year, she discovered her gifts as an intuitive medium. You can visit her personal website at:


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