The Importance of Family Vacations


family vacation

When you think about your childhood, what’s your happiest memory? Mine is definitely a family vacation, or some type of day trip that we took. Experiencing different cultures, trying new foods, and learning together are great reasons to travel with your kids. 

Growing up, my parents always took my brother and I on lots of family vacations. Looking back, I’m so grateful for those memories. We experienced a lot of fun times and it brought us closer together. It definitely strengthened our bond as a family. My husband and I want our children to experience this same type of lasting lifetime memory. 

And of course one of the main reasons to take a vacation is to relax and recharge your batteries, so to speak. It’s great to take a break from the daily grind. It sure helps everyone to develop better ways to adapt and accept how to better deal with the stress back at home. Don’t over schedule activities on vacation. One day schedule an excursion and then the next day plan a down day. This way the kids will be less cranky. 

family vacation

The daily chaos in our lives interrupts and prevents families from bonding. Everyone is focused on their schedules. Even if a family is physically gathered together in the same room there are often electronic distractions. Vacations are a departure from daily stress and noise. It puts everyone in a different state of mind; peace and relaxation and no stress. 

And whether you choose to drive or fly to your destination, the benefits are the same. As far as memories go, we tend to always remember the good things and the fun times. Great times spent together, as a family, and the new things seen are what your children will remember. Our kids won’t be kids forever. Enjoy this special time while it lasts.

How do you feel about family vacations?


  1. It caught my attention when you explained that vacations can help families bond by putting everyone in a relaxed and stress-free mindset. My husband and I have both been having trouble connecting with our daughter since the youngest starter junior high school last year. I’m glad I read your article so I can start looking for a hotel to book for a family vacation soon!


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