But How Does it Drive?

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Mamas, I’ve hit the sweet spot of parenting! My kids are young enough to still want snuggles and laugh at my jokes, yet they are big enough to play independently and get their own snacks. They also don’t need me to buckle them into the car! 

For years, I drove a minivan (something I swore I would never do), but it served its purpose. Like many moms, I thought it was my only option for fitting in three car seats. I was so naive! There are so many options out there, but nothing as amazing as the Volvo XC90.

I recently had the opportunity to drive the Volvo XC90 from Riley Volvo Cars Stamford for a long weekend. It completely changed my feelings about what to look for in a family car. 

What I am looking for:

  1. It needs to look good. This car looks luxurious from the inside out. I drove a crystal white pearl exterior with a charcoal interior and wood paneling. Gorgeous! The dashboard is clear and clean.
  2. Temperature control. Not only does this beauty have a heated steering wheel and heated seats in the front and back of the car, but the seats are also airconditioned! Yup, when you slide into the car on a hot, sweaty day, you can instantly cool down. 
  3. Easy-to-use technology. I think my kids are more tech-savvy than me. However, the phone easily paired with my iPhone, and the touch screen was easy to navigate with Apple CarPlay. With the tap of a finger, I could change the audio, get a 360-degree view of the car, and set the temp. There is also inductive smartphone charging.
  4. I don’t need to find my keys; I just need to know they are somewhere at the bottom of my purse. You can unlock/lock the doors with the touch of a finger, open the trunk with the movement of your foot, and start the car from inside the house. All super important for busy moms who have their hands full.

But of course, when buying a family car, it needs to meet the needs of everyone in the family…even Dad! My husband could care less about the specialty features, even though he was obsessed with the high-performance audio system. But he really wants to know, how does it drive?

Here’s what he’s looking for:

  1. Power. A turbocharger further enhances performance while also preserving fuel economy. 
  2. Safety features. The Volvo XC90 has a blind spot information system with steer assist and cross-traffic alerts with an auto brake. The lane-keeping aid and parking assistance are also a huge help.
  3. Adjustable drive-mode settings. Adjusting your drive mode affects your vehicle’s driving characteristics to make driving more enjoyable or easier in certain situations. 
  4. Gas mileage. The new Volvo XC90 recharge plug-in hybrid has exceptional fuel economy. This model offers up to 18 miles of pure electric range, so you’ll be able to run errands or commute to work using only electric power. Who would have thought you could have an eco-friendly SUV!?

So what it all comes down to is that the Volvo XC90 will be the next perfect car for our family. And if I had to guess, it has what you are looking for too! Stop by the newly renovated showroom at Riley Volvo Cars Stamford and see for yourself. They are a family-owned local business and will guide you in discovering your next favorite family car.

For more information, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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