How To Host Your Own Pinterest Potluck Party


pinterest pot luckAre you noticing just how much food is on social media? Pinterest is filled with thousands of recipes that are only one click away. You’re saving links and researching foods, and before you know it, you have more appetizer, dinner, and dessert options than you can possibly ever make. Why not put all these recipes to good use and host your own Pinterest potluck party?

My friend and I are constantly tagging each other in recipes we find on-line. Usually, the recipes are the craziest desserts involving a lot of chocolate and peanut butter. (I don’t know where the people making kale chips are, but they are definitely not on my social media feed!). Finally, we decided that we needed to start making these recipes, and the idea for a potluck party was born!

Find Your Potluck Members and Pick a Date

Finding your potluck members is the easy part – picking the date is hard. The more members you have, the more difficult it can be. With work, school, sports, extra-curricular activities, it can seem impossible to find a date that works for everyone. Choose ahead of time and immediately mark it in your calendar, so you don’t forget! My friend and I are on a monthly potluck rotation, and we make sure we pick our next month’s date at our current potluck. Choosing how often your potlucks are is based on everyone’s availability.

Choose A Host and Recipes

Each month (or however frequent your dinners are), one person will host. This person is in charge of picking a main course recipe from any social media site and preparing it for all the members. If kids are welcome, the host is also responsible for providing meals for the kids. If the kids will eat what the host decides to make more power to you! That just never happens in our house!

While the host is in charge of the main course, the other members are in charge of the appetizers and (most importantly) the dessert! Each person will choose an appetizer and/or dessert recipe from any social media site and bring it to the potluck. The recipes don’t have to be themed or “work together.” It’s just whatever catches your eye! The more people you have, the more options you’ll have.

I hosted our first potluck, so I made the main course, and my friend brought the appetizer and the dessert. If there are more than two people, one can bring an appetizer, and one can bring a dessert. Each potluck the host will change, and so will the recipes!

Appetizer – sweet potato chips with a bean and pico de gallo dip
Main course – caramelized onion, fig, arugula, and goat cheese pizza
Dessert – the best way to end a meal!

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Here is the best part of the potluck – eating and being with your friends. It’s a time to catch up and enjoy all the recipes you’ve been gawking over on social media. Maybe some recipes won’t work out well, but at least you’re in great company – plus that just means more dessert!

What’s the best Pinterest meal you’ve ever made?


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