The Holiday Break Bubble


A mom and child laying on pillows.I’ve been living in a holiday break bubble since December 17. The day when my twins’ preschool ended for the year, and my first grader went remote. Since becoming a stay-at-home mom of three, I’ve disliked long stretches of unplanned and unstructured time at home with my children. This year feels different, I’ve accepted the chaos of home, and I’m not ready to leave the holiday break bubble, re-enter the world, and bravely face the new year.

We spent our time together on holiday break baking cookies, crafting, having sleepovers, staying up late, individual play time with mom, having “yes” days, listening to Taylor Swift’s “Christmas Tree Farm” and Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree” on repeat, riding bikes, and playing backyard football.

Days in the bubble include plenty of whining, crying, and yelling from all parties (me included, sorry neighbors). I’ve forgotten what day it is on multiple occasions. It’s a little like Groundhogs Day, with many emotional ups and downs.

The greatest part of the bubble is avoiding things that only live in the realm of the “real” world. As a tired mom at the end of another long and stressful year, I’m not looking forward to facing them again.

Pleading with my first grader to do her homework, leaving the house with three children before 9 a.m., watching the bus tracking app only to see the time change and race out the door, worrying about COVID exposure (in the bubble, we have only seen a handful of people), implementing a personal business and marketing plan, screen limits (anything goes in the bubble), and planned meals (as long as it’s paired with fruit, it can be a meal).

We all have to go back to reality. School will start, and I’ll resume building my business and buying vegetables. The decorations will come down, and life will continue. Maybe I’m lazy, perhaps I’m worn out, perhaps I’m anxious for what awaits me in the new year, but I don’t want this time to end. I don’t want to push myself forward at the moment. I want to pause and be together a little longer.

Last year I wrote about having low expectations for the New Year. Going into the new year, I don’t have any expectations. I can only hope (mixed with some proactive measures) for my family to be happy and healthy, my children to learn and grow, and continue with my own growth.

Are you ready to come out of the holiday break bubble?


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