Hey Mama, Get a Life


A mother playing with her children.I would call myself an introvert. I’m really good at staying home. And because of that, making plans (and keeping them) can sometimes feel exhausting. When I was pregnant with my first child, I relished in the idea that I would have a built-in excuse to either leave someplace early or not go altogether!

I naively thought that having a baby would give me something to do all the time, and I didn’t have to continuously have this internal battle with trying to be social but still having time to recharge.

But, as you can imagine, the plan worked a little TOO well! Having children to care for is undoubtedly an all-encompassing task, and while I thought I would enjoy that role (and I do!), it put all of my needs on the backburner.

Yes, I said a few short sentences ago that I didn’t want to have all this free time to fill. I didn’t want to feel obligated to make plans and keep them. But you say and think a lot of things before these children actually appear. And then they show up and teach you that everything you thought was wrong!

The only difference is, that the plans you get to cancel as a mom are your own, and they’re replaced with endless social events for your children.

Once my kids came to the age of birthday parties, play dates, and school functions, I was right back on the exhausting, introvert nightmare of plans all the time. And it was all kid stuff, all the time. It took me longer than I should have to admit that I was burned out in tending to all their needs and extracurricular activities and having no time for myself. So I, quite literally, needed to get a life!

I got involved in things that were important to me.

I started writing (and thank you for reading!), I joined the school PTO and various committees in our community. And so I say to you, fellow busy mama’s, find something that fills you up, entertains you, and challenges you. Find a few minutes a day to read a book, do a quick workout or join a club in your community.

I need to get a life. My children will always be a central part of my life. And most of my free time and energy is devoted to them. But I have to remember the time I lost myself and ensure that it doesn’t happen again. I owe that to everyone in my life, including myself.


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