Happy Father’s Day!



Though we’re all about the mommies here at Fairfield County Moms Blog, with it being Father’s Day, it’s nice to take a moment and play tribute to the dads out there. They are our favorite piggy-back givers, reachers of things on high shelves, preparers of bottles and butternut squash puree. They support us mommies, make our kids laugh and teach them responsibility, and clean up the sheets covered in throw up while we clean off the baby. In honor of all the fathers out there, here are a few things we love about Dad in my house:

Dad is hilarious. When the Little Monkey was teeny tiny, and just starting to laugh – just those little squeaky chuckles that babies make – nothing made him laugh like his dad. My husband would prop him in his lap and say a series of words, and without fail the baby would laugh at each and every one. It didn’t matter what the words were.

“Banana,” my husband would say. The baby would begin to giggle.

“Pants.” The giggle would start to grow into a chuckle.

“Bookshelf.” The giggle would get faster and louder, ballooning into a full blown laugh.

“Koala.” By this point, the Little Monkey would be breathless with laughter.

As the Little Monkey has grown older, Dad has continued to be the funniest person around. Nobody invents songs about putting on pants or makes better silly noises better than his Dad.

Dad is a glimpse into our (physical) future. Though the Little Monkey resembles me in some ways, he really looks like his dad. From the cleft in his chin to what I call affectionately their “pancake butt,” I love seeing the physical similarities between my two favorite guys.

Dad is Mom’s teammate. From the early newborn days, when my husband would bring me glasses of water when I was nursing the Little Monkey and couldn’t move from the couch, to the days when he’d come home from a full day of work during our Witching Hour and take a screaming baby out of my arms without hesitation so I could have a break, I have come to depend on him as a teammate. This can be as small as remembering to up the size before our next shipment of diapers comes, to as big as talking me out of it when I am in a working mom shame spiral.

Dad is a nurturer. Like many men, my husband wasn’t crazy about babies before he had one of his own. He didn’t hate them or anything, just had no desire to hold a friend’s newborn or coo over a baby that passed us at the mall. That all changed they day the Little Monkey was born. One of the unexpected pleasures of motherhood is observing the affectionate relationship between my son and his father from the sidelines. Seeing my husband light up when he first heard the word “Dada,” snuggle the baby close and kiss the top of his head, and brag over the latest cute thing he did is a wonderful treat.

Dad is (sometimes) the favorite. Lately – and by lately I mean the last 3-4 months – the Little Monkey is in a full on Daddy phase. There’s Daddy, and then the nice lady who also lives in the house (that’d be me). When we’re home alone, the Little Monkey is more than content to let me give him dinner, read him a book, or hold him. When there’s another option – even as he hears his dad’s car in the driveway – he’ll only settle for first place. While I am often jealous – and sometimes stung by moments where the baby literally nudges me in the other direction, saying, “Bye. Bye. Bye. Dada Dada Dada!” – deep down I know this is (hopefully) a phase, and that it’s a blessing that he loves his father so much.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there! We (and our kiddos) are so very lucky to have you.


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