If I Could Go Back: Reflecting on My School Experience


A girl standing with a backpack and holding books.Most of my education was spent in private schools, and a few years were in public school, but not in my hometown. I was in a public school in a town about thirty minutes away, where my parents were educators. The elementary school I attended was private, near home, and had children from many towns. My high school was a boarding school about an hour away from home. My experiences at these schools were very good, and I wouldn’t change them. 

Not knowing what my daughters’ future education may look like, I’ve been reflecting on my school experience lately.

While it was amazing to be in class with children from different towns and neighborhoods, I wish I had done more activities in my actual town. I remember in elementary school playing soccer, being in a Brownie Troop at some point, and CCD. There was no social activity that continued past elementary school. I had no activities that would help me form deeper connections and relationships with my town. The town I would always return to from high school, college, and after college.  

I played sports for the schools I attended rather than the town. This was another opportunity to create relationships that were lost. My friendships became stronger with those who lived over thirty minutes away, which was a strain in my teenage years. My parents always tried to be accommodating with driving, but it wasn’t always ideal.

Looking back at my school experience and seeing how this impacted me later in life, I wanted to share this with moms who might have children in a similar situation. Try to make sure they have friends in town and nurture those friendships. Those relationships will be so meaningful when they eventually leave home. They’ll have someone else to look forward to seeing besides family!


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