I Know It’s Getting Better, But I Still Wish Things Were Normal


back to normalThings are SO much better than they were last year. We’re in school full-time. After school, activities have resumed. We can travel without testing and quarantining, and restrictions. We have a vaccine!

But, let’s face it, life still isn’t normal. We can be thankful for how far we’ve come while still feeling sad about how things have changed.

I’m so happy that our kids are back in school full-time, but I miss being in school with them. I miss reading during birthdays, helping in the classroom, and chaperoning field trips. I miss seeing kids without masks on their faces. I miss seeing their classrooms and meeting their teachers face to face.

I’m also so happy that we can be out in the world with one another again! But I hate the yo-yo of wearing masks, never knowing when and where we’re supposed to be wearing them. I hate when I can be without a mask, but my kids have to wear them. It’s hard to live feeling like you’re going to upset someone else all the time.

I’m so happy that we can travel right now without mandated quarantines and restrictions. But it gets so complicated when workplaces and schools have different recommendations and policies. It’s hard to plan travel out of state when you never know if mandates will change.

It’s so hard to feel like things are returning to normal when everyone has different feelings about how “normal” they want things to be right now. Sometimes I feel so hopeful and excited. Other times, it still feels so discouraging.

We’re taking it one day at a time and counting our blessings. We’re thankful for our health, science, and the way people work together to bring normal back. We hope it keeps going this way.

How do you feel about how “normal” things are right now?


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