Finding the Strength


strengthOn March 12, I left my classroom and went to pick up my oldest son from school for the last time. We thought it would be for two weeks. The next day, we found out that my son’s district was approved for distance learning, and a few days later, mine was as well. Like so many others around the state, my husband and I went from full-time working outside of the house parents to full-time working from home and stay-at-home parents in under a week. So many nights during those first two weeks, I lost sleep figuring out how to find the strength. 

We are fortunate and do realize our privilege. We’re healthy, we are not out on the frontlines, we get to work from home, and we do not need to worry about child care. We have the means to get through this. Still, in those first couple of weeks, when I thought about how I would teach over 100 students remotely while my husband meets the demands of his job, and how I would help my first grader with his distance learning while making sure the younger two didn’t tear the walls down, it absolutely felt impossible. How would we muster up finding the strength? 

But, here we are several weeks in. We are doing it; we have found the strength to do what seems impossible. We found the strength to do things that we never in our wildest dreams imagined we would, and with no prior training, we show up every day. 

We aren’t alone in this. So many others are doing the same. Just to name a few: 

  • Medical professionals leave their homes every day and find the strength to protect the general public. 
  • Grocery store employees and delivery workers find the strength to risk their health to serve the community. 
  • Teachers find the strength to meet the needs of their students through a screen. 
  • Children find the strength to adjust to staying home, to complete their school work, all while not fully grasping what is happening.
  • Families and individuals find the strength to get through without support systems.

Some days are spent counting down the minutes. Some are spent yelling or crying, and some are spent all day in pajamas. Know that all of that is okay! Know that none of what we are experiencing right now is normal. Also, know that even on the really hard days, you are still digging into the depths and finding the strength. 


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