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A boy and a girl wearing headphones.If you’re anything like our family, a LOT of time is spent in the car. Whether it is a road trip to the Cape or driving around town for various activities, the inevitable wiggles always set in. Unfortunately, my kids have inherited my motion sickness, so screens are out of the picture. Enter: The Kid Podcast.

Here are some of our family’s favorite podcasts. I hope your kids enjoy them too!


  • Wow in the World: Best for ages 5-12, this podcast explores stories about science, technology, and innovation. My kids especially like the “Two Whats!? And A Wow!” game show segment. Very tolerable for adults as well; my husband and I enjoy listening.
  • Brains On: Each week, a new child co-host joins scientist Molly Bloom to answer questions about science and the world. With episodes like “Why are poops and butts so funny?” I guarantee it’s a hit for your elementary-aged kid. 
  • But Why: This podcast answers kid viewers’ questions. Episodes vary (from “why does the wind blow” to “how are babies made?”), so you’ll want to look through to find what is best suited for your child.


  • Ear Snacks: Targeted to the 2-7 age group, ear snacks is a musical podcast for kids “about the world.” The podcast covers all topics, such as art, science, music, and culture. 
  • Noodle Loaf: An interactive musical podcast with lots of singing! Though it is marketed to 3-9-year-olds, this podcast is enjoyable for all ages. 
  • The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl: A two-hour radio show for kids and families that broadcasts every Saturday morning (but can be streamed at any time). This podcast can truly be enjoyed by all family members, even the adults. It’s honestly not your “typical” annoying kid’s music.


  • Story Pirates: A fan favorite, Story Pirates takes kids’ stories and turns them into comedies and songs. The episodes include comedians, musicians, authors, teachers, and many celebrity guests. Another podcast I truly enjoy listening to as an adult.
  • Odd Squadcast: Based on the PBS kids’ show “Odd Squad,” this podcast’s stories focus on math, problem-solving, and team-building skills. For the 5-8-year-old crowd. 
  • Stories Podcast: Weekly original stories for kids of all ages. Many are “bedtime” stories, so a good podcast to try and lull your kids to sleep during a long car ride. 
  • Julie’s Library: Julie Andrews reading classic children’s stories? What’s not to love! Every story has music, activities, and special guests. Another good podcast to try and get your kids to snooze off. 
  • Little Stories for Tiny People: My kids love this quirky, whimsical original story podcast. Most likely enjoyed the most by the toddler and younger elementary kids.
  • Blue’s Clues & You: Story Time with Josh & Blue: Join Blue and Josh for a sleepy bedtime adventure in this podcast. The episodes are short and geared to younger listeners. There are only ten episodes, but my kindergarteners have requested them over and over again.

Happy listening! What are your family’s favorite podcasts to listen to?

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Emma is a stay-at-home mom to her identical twin daughters, Charlotte and Grace (born March 2016) and her son Crosby (born July 2019). She currently resides in Fairfield with her children and her husband Mike. Emma is originally from northeastern CT and worked and lived in Stamford and New York City as an attorney until her daughters were born. Though she misses certain aspects of city life, there really is no better place then living by the beach. When she is not being hounded for snacks or trying to pry her kids off the highest point of the playground, she enjoys going out with friends, trying new restaurants on date nights, binging Bravo and staying active.


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