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While we sometimes have our doubts as to the point of a long list of lofty resolutions you’re more or less doomed to fail at, fashion resolutions are another thing altogether. Since fashion is a form of art and self-expression but by no means a high-stakes topic, what’s the harm in setting some style goals for the year ahead? Below, we’ve listed five Fashion Resolutions to “try on” in 2019!

Toss it!

Firstly, and most importantly, you need to bid farewell to clothes that don’t fit and don’t bring you joy. They might be the prettiest piece of fabric you’ve ever seen, but your body and fashion grow with time. If the piece of clothing is too difficult to style – TOSS IT!

Hack: I keep a large plastic container at the bottom of my closet, so when I come across a piece of clothing that just isn’t doing it for me, I “Toss it.” When the bin is full, I go through the items and donate them to Thread Up, give them to friends or send them to Goodwill.

Not ALL things on SALE should be purchased

There’s no denying that the word ‘sale‘ gives us all kinds of feels. I mean those cleverly worded “coupon codes” get me every time. From purchasing unnecessary jackets to a bikini that we’ll never wear (I am looking at you $5 J. Crew top), we pick up redundant items only because it was on 70% sale. A resolution we must all take is to never become a victim of the last-minute discounts and sales. 

Keep it Comfortable!

Never ever purchase an item that has the potential to make you uncomfortable, especially with footwear. Thou shall choose comfort over trend, always! This is also true when it comes to tight and restrictive clothing. We often wear tight clothes assuming it’ll help us look thinner. Apart from being unable to breathe, tight clothes can make your body look disproportionate.

Branch Out!

This year, why not step outside your comfort zone in the style department in just one or two ways? Bold floral pants, hot pink bodysuits, and exaggerated cat-eye sunglasses are just a few of the crazy trends on the horizon. Not interested in spending an arm and a leg to try one out? Look at affordable options like H&M, Forever 21, and Topshop for great runway-inspired pieces that don’t break the bank.

Show Off That Rockin’ Bod With Pride

While we’re all for eating healthy and staying active, we think more women need to recognize that the bod they’re currently rockin’ is pretty awesome. Let this be the year! One way to boost your confidence: Learn what pieces flatter your body shape most. Another thing that really helped me is to try to follow people on social media that have a similar size and shape as you. 

What are your fashion resolutions for 2019?

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