Fairfield County Mom’s Top 10 Posts of 2021


Woman sitting at a computer smiling. As a collaborative blog written by and for local moms, our primary focus is delivering valuable content to YOU, our mommy readers. This year our contributor team opened themselves up and poured out their hearts, sharing personal parenting experiences and perspectives, as well as fun and creative things to do around the county. In partnership with local businesses, we were able to connect you to valuable information, products, and services relevant to your lives. 

Here is a list of our top 10 most viewed posts of 2021! Make sure to read the posts you may have missed, reread the posts that you could connect with, and share the posts you love!

A woman bottle-feeding a baby.1. I’m Sorry For What I Said When I Thought Breast Was Best

“To all the women to whom I gave bad advice and especially to myself, I’m sorry. And I’m especially sorry for perpetuating that anything other than a fed baby and happy mom is truly what’s “best.”

A mom at the playground watching her son on the slide.2. The Moms You Meet at the Playground

“Last year was my first playground summer. I learned a lot about parenting by watching the other moms around me – what I should and shouldn’t do. Here is a list of who you should expect to see at your local playground.”

Holding hands with a little boy looking up.3. Walking Through Hell

“Please watch your kids. Please don’t feel like a “helicopter parent.” Listen to your gut when something doesn’t feel right. Learn self-defense. Always be aware. And know that if the devil himself shows up messing with your baby, you will fight like hell to take him down.”

The Fairfield County Mom team with their arms around one another. 4. The Real Housewives of Fairfield County

“But, please, don’t sleep on Fairfield County. We have hedge fund directors, PTA alpha moms, Yale professors, and even Broadway legend Patti LuPone. The school board meeting footage alone would be Ramona Singer-walking-the-catwalk level intense. There would be yacht parties, beach parties, catered one-year-old birthday parties with 250 guests, and did I mention Broadway LEGEND Patti LuPone?”

Woman holding a bsby.5. The First Year Is Not the Hardest

“I sit here writing this post five years into parenting. This is my take. The first year is not the hardest. Not even a little. It’s the easiest, by a landslide. Maybe I’m just lucky, and my kids were unusually easy babies. Or perhaps I’ve conveniently blocked out each of those first years and am remembering them through rose-colored glasses. Either way, I am thoroughly convinced that “The first year is the hardest” is just a platitude. What people really should be saying is, “Just wait…this is just the beginning.”

Child holding a dandelion.6. Positive Parenting: Don’t Water The Weeds

“If the #1 reinforcer for a child’s behavior is parental attention, what would happen if undesirable (and primarily inconsequential) behaviors were simply ignored?”

Woman smirking and making an x with her arms.7. Clean-Shaming

“This growing trend begs the question, is there a huge uptick in moms who are also toxicology scientists? Or is clean-shaming the new mom-shaming?”


A man and a woman holding hands.

8. A Letter to My Children: Choosing a Spouse

“I found someone who makes me happy and who is my partner in every sense of the word. But to allow him in, I had to abandon what seemed right or what made sense to those around me. I had to go against the pre-written script that my life was meant to follow. Your dad and I wrote our own script. It certainly wasn’t easy, but I promise it’s so incredibly worth it.”

Mom holding a box of chocolates in front of a girl.9. One Isn’t the Loneliest Number: Why I’m “One and Done”

“I remember the day I had my daughter like it was yesterday. The simultaneous feeling of having been hit by a truck and the complete and utter joy was one I could never forget. That day, as well-wishing family members came to visit, there were lots of comments that included, “When you have your next one…” or “When she becomes a big sister…” My daughter was barely 12 hours old, and people were planning to schedule my next delivery!”

A pair of jean shorts.10. Easily Influenced? A Jean Shorts Lesson

“In the era of influencing, it’s so easy to believe that just because someone else’s life seems great and happy over social media, it must mean that they have no problems, OR that we are doing things wrong just because we’re different. It must mean that we need all that they have. Contrary to what we may see, or those small snippets we’re exposed to, no one is out there living a perfect life doing everything and doing it well.”

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Thank you for following along with us, and make sure to stay tuned for what we have in store for 2022! What topics would you love to read this upcoming year? Comment below!


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