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“Explore Fairfield County” is an informational series that provides a glimpse into the wonderful towns and cities in Fairfield County. Fairfield County is diverse in that it includes big cities, small suburbs, beaches, farms, and busy highways. It covers a large geographic area and, because of this, it has a lot to offer families! To help you get the most out of Fairfield County, our contributors have shared the top 10 things they love about each local area. To read more in this series click here.Newtown

Welcome to Rooster town! Located in Northeastern Fairfield County, Newtown is a scenic country town with big farms, great restaurants, and happy residents. When my husband and I began our search for a home, we didn’t know much about Newtown but had heard it was a friendly place to live. After finding a house that we loved, we settled in and began to explore everything Newtown has to offer. This town is friendly and cozy and it is an easy drive to Stanford, Hartford, or New York City. Below are the top 10 things I love most about Newtown. 

1. Good Ole’ Rooster Town

The Rooster is the official town symbol of Newtown, CT and is a beloved part of our town’s history. It is said that the rooster weather vane, which sits upon the top of the meeting house, was used as a target by French soldiers during the revolutionary way. The rooster lends its name to town events, such as the Rooster Run, and restaurants such as the Red Rooster Pub.

2. Edmond Town Hall

Known as the “heart” of Newtown, Edmond Town Hall, is a space where neighbors can gather for community events, clubs and organizations, and entertainment. The best part of Town Hall is the theater. All movie tickets are $3.00, but there many free movies available throughout the year! 


3. Figs Restaurant

Located in downtown Sandy Hook, Figs is one of the best restaurants in town. This restaurant has a laid back atmosphere and delicious food. Figs is known for their wood fire pizzas, which are amazing, but they also have great sandwiches. My choice, the Brussel sprouts – they can’t be beat!

4. EverWonder Children’s Museum

The EverWonder Children’s Museum is the perfect place to take your little one for a fun weekend adventure. The museum boasts an interactive dance wall, a dinosaur dig, and an imagination building block room. Say hello to Mrs. Newton and Einstein, the museums bearded dragons, on your way out.

EverWonder Museum

5. Ferris Acres Creamery

A favorite spot for Newtown residents and many people in western Connecticut, Ferris Acres Creamery is some of the best ice cream in the state. Located on a beautiful farm, the creamery operates alongside cows grazing, making this a fun place for kids to visit. Try the grasshopper and the black raspberry ice cream!

6. Labor Day Parade

For over fifty years, residents of Newtown look forward to this parade to close out the summer season. Many beloved people walk in the parade including firemen, political figures, and marching bands. Get there early to set up a spot on Main Street and bring a bag to collect candy.

7. Dickinson Memorial Park

Kids will love all the places they can play at Dickinson Memorial Park! Remodeled in 2014, the playground now features slides, over-sized musical instruments, tunnels, and a zip line. In addition to the playground, the park offers a skateboarding area, five tennis courts, and a basketball court. A perfect place for a spring family picnic!


8. Lake Lillinonah

The second largest lake in Connecticut provides a beautiful backdrop for Newtown. Lak Lillinoah Park is located at the end of Hanover Road and offers a place for people to picnic and grill. Please note, there is no swimming at this location, just a boat launch.

9. My Place Pizza Restaurant

For over thirty-seven years Louise and her family have been running this much-loved Newtown restaurant. The best thing about this restaurant is the wait staff treats you just like family. Every time kids visit they go home with a very special treat!

10. Halloween on Main Street

On Halloween, most of the town’s residents gather on Main Street for the biggest Halloween party you have ever seen. The historic houses on Main Street get decorated and bring Halloween to life each year, giving out more than three thousand pieces of candy to kids from all over the town. Guests can also visit the town hall for fun games, a puppet show, and coffee and donuts!

These are a few of my favorite spots in Newtown and they will not disappoint. I hope you will come visit Newtown and take advantage of the warm hospitality found throughout the town.

Have you visited Newtown? Do you live here? What do you love about it?

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