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EntrepreneursLast year I wrote a post about some awesome boss babes and dudes local to our area. I had so much fun doing it; I just HAD to do it again. These entrepreneurs not only work hard, but they have businesses that are taking Fairfield County (and beyond) by storm! Here is a little information about their companies and the hustlers behind the brands.

21 Seeds

This company is female-founded, female-distilled, all-natural, fresh, infused Blanco Tequila. Owner Kat created 21 Seeds because it’s what she wanted to drink – something smooth, simple, and casual with fresh, natural flavor that made drinking tequila as approachable as a glass of wine. Before it was a brand, it was just a couple of bottles infused in her kitchen with things she had on hand. Cucumbers, jalapeños, oranges, and grapefruit all worked in tequila cocktails, so why not just add them straight to the tequila? Her hunch turned out to be right. Friends started asking for bottles of their own, and what began as one bottle turned into dozens…and eventually a new beginning. So she called her sister Nicole and their friend Sarika, and they started talking about the possibilities. They flew down to Mexico to find a partner distillery and found one owned and predominantly staffed by women – a perfect fit. They even built a refrigeration plant at the distillery so they could infuse it with the freshest ingredients. 

Blue Door Vibes 

Blue Door Vibes is a labor of love from Connecticut artist Agnes Balakier. Agnes works at a home studio filled with natural light and a soothing ambiance, where she creates her beach-themed decor and jewelry. Blue Door Vibes began with summertime day trips along coastal Connecticut, where visits to the surrounding New England beaches would end with a collection of gorgeous seashells. These handpicked seashells would become her signature decoupage creations. They feature a curated collection of decoupage seashells, ceramic coasters, driftwood sailboats, oyster shell napkin rings, and most recently, seashell necklaces. Custom designs, including personalized monograms, holiday ornaments, and wedding guest gifts, are also available. 

Box Of 

Myles started Box Of during the crazy year of 2020/21 after doing so many gift boxes for friends and family. Since people could not be in-person to celebrate so many events, she put extra thought into putting together beautiful gift boxes filled with crystals and items found at local small shops and small shops from afar. The majority of these shops being women owned. For Myles, it was a fun way to support small businesses and a way for her to be creative. While many of her curated and custom gift boxes are crystal-based, such as her best-selling monthly birthstone boxes, she also loves doing custom boxes that are entirely different and coming up with new ideas, and finding new sources and products.  She loves collaborating with artisans/vendors and coming up with totally custom items. It brings her so much joy to be able to help bring joy to others. 

Essentially Namaste

Essentially Namaste was born when two moms, Rebecca and Pilar, began sharing holistic tips for non-toxic living after chemical sensitivities and hormone-positive breast cancer wreaked havoc on their health in their early thirties. They started by creating non-toxic products, harnessing the power of plants through essential oils, for themselves and their own families to use. Conventional everyday personal care and household cleaning products often contain very toxic hormone-disrupting fragrances, phthalates, and chemicals that are harmful to your health. They are grateful to share effective and healthy alternatives with you and your families. They are so proud that a percentage of our sales is donated to the Breast Cancer Alliance every day. Bugs Away Magic Spray is one of their top-selling products. Finally, a bug spray is DEET-Free, all-natural, and contains a unique pleasantly smelling blend of clinically tested essential oils that “magically” repels mosquitoes, biting flies, and ticks. 

Mad Candy Boards   

Aliza Cohen is the founder of Mad Candy. From her home in Westport, she launched the business in January of 2021 as a fun way to stay busy and creative during COVID. After working in product development in the fashion industry for many years, she missed color and creating in her life. Mixed with a love of candy, Mad Candy Boards was created, and it became a sweet success. MCB loves working with customers making unique, colorful custom boards. Each one is different and celebrating different occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, weddings, college acceptances, etc. Mad Candy Boards is always putting out new and exciting boards. This month MCB will be creating boards for breast cancer awareness and donating proceeds to awareness/research. 

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Mined + Found

Crafted in Ridgefield, CT, Mined + Found’s playfully elegant jewelry collections feature an array of vibrantly hued gemstones in luxurious, wearable silhouettes. Designer Jenn Breznen finds inspiration in color and its power to evoke emotion. Each piece is designed to bring joy and confidence, encouraging the wearer to explore the rainbow, embrace a pop of color, and “just be hue.” Mined + Found’s latest, trademarked Rainbow Silk™ collection is the first of its kind, with classic silk knotted designs reimagined in rainbow colorways. 

Rebel Daughter Cookies

Based in Norwalk, CT, Rebel Daughter Cookies offers a menu of seven “mainstay” cookies, rotating specials, and three kinds of lactation cookies made especially for breastfeeding mamas. Unlike other brands that mix one dough and add different fillings, each cookie is uniquely made with the highest quality ingredients sourced globally. Founder, owner, and mom of two, Anne F. Grossman and her team are looking to empower all, especially women, to indulge without guilt and enjoy every bite of life. The name “Rebel Daughter” comes from a nickname Anne’s mother gave her growing up, as she was a child that was always pushing the boundaries. Advocating for all females, Rebel Daughter Cookies donates a portion of all of its profits to organizations focused on developing solutions for maternal and child health. Insanely decadent yet balanced, if you’re going to treat yourself, shouldn’t each cookie taste like the best one of your life? Order online for local delivery, free pickup, or nationwide shipping.

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Shady Lady 

Shady Lady hats are by a woman for women. Company founder Allyson Mandelbaum has combined her passion for the beach with an innate eye for design to fill a major gap in the market. Realizing for some time that shopping for a ‘baseball’ cap was impossible. Designed predominantly for men, they were all too stiff, too big, too youthful, too bedazzled, or too sporty. Whether it’s a ‘dirty hair’ day or extra sun protection, Shady Lady is designed with “the softest, most comfortable materials around and made to fit a woman’s head. No more wearing ill-fitted men’s hats!” Shady Lady has expanded their line of fun and fashionable hats to include beach and winter hats. As a mom, Allyson also added in several matching kids designs, “Who doesn’t love twinning with their little ones!” 

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The Bee Love Project 

The Bee Love Project is an initiative looking to raise awareness of the importance of bees in our environment. Their mission is to make people aware that If we don’t take care of the bees and they become extinct, there will be major food shortages on planet earth, affecting millions of people. Their products are available at the Farmers Markets in Fairfield at the Sherman Green Park, Westport, Fairfield Green Field, Rowayton, and Lachat Town Farm in Weston.

Woopa Handstitch 

Emily Wood is the creator behind Woopa. Emily is a mom of two young girls. After moving to Fairfield from California a couple of years ago for her husband’s job, she started stitching to get herself through the long East Coast winters that she was not accustomed to. She started out stitching mainly kids’ clothing but turned her focus to women’s cashmere and sweatshirts last year. Emily loves connecting with the customers to create something just right for them! 

Please remember to shop small and local. We have some fantastic local brands! You never know what gems you will find! 


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