Meet Nancy: Embrace the Chaos, a Little Bit


I have always been the organized type; everything had its place, bringing me peace and calm. Since becoming a mom, releasing some of that control and Type-A tendency has been a challenge, but a necessary challenge nonetheless. Learning how to navigate motherhood and the chaos and mess that comes with it has made my life more fun, spontaneous, and stressful at times but has allowed for some amazing memories with my girls. 

I am Nancy, and I live in Trumbull with my husband and three daughters (5 years, 3 years, and 3 months). We also have two black labs, Frank and Norman, who add energy, kisses, and lots of dog hair to our everyday busy lives. I am a high school teacher currently on maternity leave and loving every second of it!

Norman & Frank

Having three small children requires flexibility, and giving up that control and need for organization in all aspects of my life has been the biggest struggle in my motherhood journey.  

Through the chaos, I still meal plan all our dinners, have labeled bins in the playroom for toys, and am pretty strict about bedtime, I have learned that I am a better mom when there is a balance between needing control and embracing the chaos and spontaneity of our everyday lives.  

Since moving to Fairfield County in 2015, my family has come to love all that this area offers, from hikes through the woods to digging in the sand of our beautiful beaches. Many of our favorite places were found when we threw everyone in the car and just needed to get out of the house for a change of scenery and save our sanity. It’s amazing what a little fresh air and change of location can do for a toddler, and maybe a stop at our favorite ice cream shop doesn’t hurt either.

Webb Mountain Park, Monroe, CT                              
Jennings Beach, Fairfield, CT

While I have only been in the motherhood game for five years, I am so thankful for all my little ladies who have taught me about slowing down, enjoying the moment, and not worrying if things aren’t perfectly organized, right on time, or exactly how I had planned. These days with three in tow, I embrace the unexpected and hope that they remember that Mama was right there with them, having fun in the end.  

I look forward to sharing more of our lives throughout Fairfield County and how I keep things organized for our family while still allowing for fun and sometimes unplanned adventures.  

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Nancy is mom to 3 girls (2016, 2018 and 2022) and lives in Trumbull with her husband Tom, daughters and black lab Norman. Originally from Farmington, CT, Nancy met her husband while living in Baltimore after college. In 2014 Nancy moved back to her home state of Connecticut, living in West Hartford, Norwalk and finally settling in Trumbull. Nancy is a full time high school teacher who loves to make the most of her time outside the classroom. Cape Cod, family dinners and a fresh manicure are some of Nancy’s favorite things.


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