Ways to Be Eco-Friendly While at Home



So I know it’s hard right now, not working or working from home. Teaching your children or merely tolerating something about your partner. Or maybe you are an essential worker, and you need to be out in all that is happening right now.

Here are a few easy things to do that are considered “eco-friendly” while at home, and who knows, maybe you will continue to do this as a new norm.

Buy from local small businesses.

I cannot shout this from the rooftops enough. Buy local products from small markets, restaurants, and local mom groups. Anything from meals, to clothes to lotions, etc. Someone local just may have what you are looking for.

Buy a gift card.

Everyone has a favorite thing. Buy a birthday gift or a just-because gift for a friend or loved one. This is another way to give back to your community while pampering others. I know I love coffee, and there are so many great local coffee shops that will need our support once we get out from under this heavy, burdensome environment.

Cook from scratch.

Let’s face it, that is how recipes get constructed, right? Look in your pantry and think of an episode of Chopped. What can you make from a head of lettuce and some flour? Who knows, if you mess it up it’s a funny story to tell. Have you ever baked bread? I know I will be trying it soon.

Compost at home.

Full disclosure, other than knowing that I put scraps in a container, I’m not sure how this works. But I will certainly figure it out and do it.

Borrow ebook/audiobooks from your local library.

I love hoopla. Even though I use multiple platforms, I still come back to knowing that my local library has such a great platform.

Shop and swap from each other.

A mom friend of mine has a small toiletries box by her door, and there was a lotion that my mom likes. She gave it to me, and it saved me a trip to the store. And that bottle of unused lotion found a new home.

So here is an idea, in your small group of friends, the ones you are most comfortable with, shop each other’s pantries before you head out to the grocery stores. Maybe you will get some meal ideas you would have never thought of or learn about a spice that somehow randomly found a way in your last grocery order.

What ways are you eco-friendly at home?


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