We Don’t Carve Pumpkins For Halloween


You read that right; I don’t carve pumpkins with my children for Halloween. I also don’t make green pancakes on Saint Patrick’s Day, I don’t write 14 reasons why I love my children on little hearts for Valentine’s Day, and I don’t dye eggs for Easter. I am not a horrible mom; I just chose my holiday traditions wisely! And carving pumpkins is just a tradition I don’t really care about.

Let’s be honest, the pressure on us moms is sometimes unbearable. I know you have scrolled through social media within the last week and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?“ or “Why didn’t I do that for my children?” Some moms go over the top and it makes the rest of us feel bad about how much we do or don’t do for our children.

New flash ladies, You can’t do it all!

It’s ok if you didn’t sew a homemade costume or make the apple pie from scratch! Some years, we don’t even make it apple picking and my children survive the fun fall season!

Here is what I do for my loving, darling daughters! I decorate like crazy for each one of my their birthdays, I make homemade sugar cookies for Santa, and we keep a Thankful Turkey on our table for the month of November. It’s all about picking and choosing the traditions that are right for your own family!

So, this Halloween, you won’t find jack-o-lanterns on my front step. However, we will go trick-or-treating, there will be fake pumpkins on my mantle, and I probably can handle slapping some crescent dough around a hot dog to make a mummy dog for dinner!

What holiday traditions do you not mind skipping?


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