Detective Mom – Why We Can’t Get Enough of True Crime Podcasts


A woman listing to a true crime podcast on her earbuds.Walking the dog, folding laundry, the rare moments when my house is kid-free and quiet – 9 times out of 10, I have an earbud in one ear and a true-crime podcast rolling. There’s something about the suspense, the thrill, the excitement that keeps me on my toes and my mind reeling! I can’t get enough!

Why do we love true crime so much? Moms are problem solvers. We are detectives on a daily basis.

Who colored on the wall?  

Who left the half-eaten apple in the bathroom?

Where on earth are my car keys!?

We are Detective Mom all day, and while listening to the newest murder mystery or abduction podcast, we can put those problem-solving skills to the test! It is easy to get lost in the storytelling, and I always find myself on the edge of my seat until the next episode is released!    

I am not one for scary movies or even suspense/thriller genres. I think it is something about the visual aspect of a movie or show that I can not handle. I have vivid flashbacks of watching Rescue 911 as a kid in the 90s and having to cover my eyes when they reenacted the accidents. I think that is part of why I am so drawn to podcasts. Without the visual aspect, I can imagine as much detail as I would like or do not like and can create the image for myself.

Though often they are heartbreaking or scary, true crime stories allow me to lose myself in another place and time. 

With episodes that range from 20-60 minutes, podcasts provide a quick taste of entertainment throughout the day, a brief escape from the reality of mom life that we often need so badly.

Throughout the last few years, as podcasts have become more popular and more widely released, the types of true crime that are recorded have gained variety. Whether you like a new crime each episode or a series that follows along with the same story over multiple episodes, there is something for everyone’s tastes.         

If you are looking for a new true crime podcast to add to your list, here are a few of my recent and all-time favorites.

  • The Thing about Pam
  • Culpable
  • Darkness – The Orange Tree
  • Monster DC Sniper
  • The Piketon Massacre
  • Tom Brown’s Body
  • The Apology Line

If you are a true crime fan like me, which has been your favorite to listen to? 

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Nancy is mom to 3 girls (2016, 2018 and 2022) and lives in Trumbull with her husband Tom, daughters and black lab Norman. Originally from Farmington, CT, Nancy met her husband while living in Baltimore after college. In 2014 Nancy moved back to her home state of Connecticut, living in West Hartford, Norwalk and finally settling in Trumbull. Nancy is a full time high school teacher who loves to make the most of her time outside the classroom. Cape Cod, family dinners and a fresh manicure are some of Nancy’s favorite things.



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