Dear Target, I Miss You


Target I miss you.Dear Target,

How are you? Are you holding up ok? I’m sorry that I haven’t been around as much. You see, there’s a global pandemic, and prolonged activity indoors isn’t recommended, which means that my visits with you are narrowed down to curbside pick-ups and quick trips wearing two masks and a holster full of hand sanitizer so that I can disinfect after touching any object that I don’t intend to purchase.

I used to spend hours walking up and down every aisle. I would try on fifteen maxi dresses and look up discounts on my Cartwheel app to justify the purchase. These days, the fitting rooms are closed, so any clothes must be tried on at home, and let’s face it, no one wants to deal with a return, so I end up keeping everything. I guess one more maxi dress won’t hurt.

I used to bring my son on a rainy day, and he would play with all of the toys while I would catch up on phone calls. These days, he’s not allowed to touch anything and may only look at the toys while he decides on one small toy that he can take home and play with (after disinfecting).

I used to order my venti iced coffee upon entering the store and sip as I leisurely pushed my cart down every aisle – even the ones I didn’t need to see – because one never knows when one might need hippo-shaped cookie cutters or an extra absorbent set of rainbow hand towels. These days, I don’t even bring a water bottle because I don’t want to unmask for even one sip.

My dear friend Target, I promise that I will be back. As soon as it is safe to do so, I will be there with my venti iced coffee, Cartwheel app, list of things that I need that might end up being forgotten on a distracted u-turn down the toddler shoe aisle, and an all-encompassing feeling of gratitude to be back where I belong.

I love you. I miss you. I’ll see you at curbside soon and blow you a kiss. You won’t see it, because I’ll have a mask on. But I hope you catch it close to your heart…which is in the pharmacy section. 




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