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Dear Daughter,

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines daughter as a female offspring. That definition does not properly give the term ‘daughter’ justice. If they had asked me, I would define daughter as my heart, my sunshine, and my reason for being. You are all that to me and more. From the moment that we locked eyes in the hospital, my love for you has grown exponentially on a daily basis. I have loved the 2 years that you have been my only child and only daughter.

In about 2 short months, our lives are all going to change when your baby sister arrives. Our nights will not be as peaceful, but our hearts are going to grow with a whole lot of love. You have been so excited to meet your baby sister – already sharing your stickers and favorite buddies with her through my belly, picking out presents for her, and helping mommy get her room ready. You have the biggest heart out of anyone that I’ve ever met and you are going to be a great big sister. I cannot wait to see the love between the two of you. But, you are going to need to have patience when your baby sister arrives and understand that you will have to share mommy’s attention with her. However, make no mistake, my love for you will only continue to grow.

I don’t know how, but I think you sense what is about to come. About 2 months ago, you started a tradition for us of singing and rocking before bedtime. Even though every night I give you the choice of rocking with mommy or daddy, you always choose mommy. We snuggle, rock, and sing a few of your favorite songs, while I try to ingrain these nights into my memory to lock away so that I can keep them forever. I am soaking up all of the alone time we are getting right now and these nights have been unexpected treasures, so thank you for needing me, even though one of your favorite things to say these days is, “I’m a big girl.”

You will always be my first and that love is indescribable. You taught me about newborns, infants, and now toddlers. I can’t possibly list out all of our firsts together and I can’t capture all those that we still have left, but we are in this adventure together. I will never stop learning from you and I will never forget that you were my first. Please remember that when I might not be able to pick you up right away because your baby sister needs to be fed or when your baby sister is crying and you want me to play stickers with you. Being a big sister is a big job, but I know you are more than up for it. Remember, we’re in this adventure together.

Love, Mommy

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Aarika Friend
Aarika is a full-time working mom who moved to Trumbull in May 2014 with her husband Kris, two daughters, Emmy {July 2013} and Ruby {December 2015}, and Shiba Inu furbaby, Meiko. She has lived in Fairfield County since 2010, but is originally from Ulster County, NY. Aarika and Kris fell in love at a UConn football game in October of 2005, married in June of 2012 and expanded their duo to a threesome in July of 2013. In addition to being a mom, she is a CPA by day, as well as enjoys being an amateur chef and baker and binge watching TV series.


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