A Note for My Daughter (About the Man We Both Love)



Over the years, Friday nights have meant many different things for your dad and me.

Back in college, Friday nights were parties at his fraternity. After we graduated, Friday nights were date nights out for dinner, or the beginnings of many fun weekends away. Ever since you were born, most of our Friday nights have been spent at home, making plans for the weekend ahead.

On a recent Friday night, the tables turned. I helped you get dressed in your new dress and sparkly shoes. Then you and your dad headed off to the Father-Daughter Dance.

After the Dance, you excitedly told me about all the fun you and Daddy had, and I excitedly listened to the special memory you two made. The relationship between you and your dad means so much to me, because it’s so different from the childhood I know.

Like many modern-day kids, my parents are divorced. They separated when I was your age, and I have no memories of my dad at home. I have no memories of asking for “one more” hug and kiss before my dad headed to work in the morning, or of watching out the window for when he arrived back home. And, I definitely don’t remember running across any room so that I could jump into my dad’s arms and he could lift me to touch the ceiling. But, these are all a part of your everyday routine, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You are SO LUCKY to have a father who is both hard-working and hands-on. But, I hope you never know how lucky you are, because I hope you never know life to be any other way.

I hope you always ask Daddy to play with you, because you know he’ll always say “yes.” I hope you’re always Daddy’s #1 fan, because he’s definitely yours (tied with me, of course). And, I hope that the Father-Daughter dance becomes an annual tradition, and you always let me help you get ready.



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