Continuing the Spirit of the Holidays with Random Acts of Kindness


random acts of kindnessDecember is a month of giving…to your family members, to those less fortunate, to strangers waiting in line with you, to yourself (it was on sale!). But now that the holiday rush is over why not carry this attitude over to your usual life? After all, the world and the people around you could use some more kindness. Every interaction with others is a chance to have a kind and giving spirit and to be a positive role model for your children.

While discussing a possible 30-day challenge that I could do for a post, one fellow FCM contributor mentioned the idea for “30 Days of Random Acts of Kindness” and suggested that the whole team participate. There was an enthusiastic agreement that this was a fun idea.

The fun thing about Random Acts of Kindness is that they are spur of the moment. Unlike the planned giving of December, Random Acts just come about in your everyday interactions because it feels right.

One act of kindness that I have been practicing throughout this year is giving random compliments to other women because how GOOD does it feel to receive a compliment? If I see a woman out and about who has a great outfit on, whose hair looks fantastic, who is doing an amazing job with her children, or, in general, keeping things together, I tell her about it! It invariably puts a big smile on the other woman’s face, and we both walk away, feeling good about ourselves. 

I have been encouraging my children to pass out compliments to people that they interact with as well. My son was getting a bit of a big head about himself because classmates kept telling him that he drew such good planes. I encouraged him to compliment his classmates on something that they were doing well. It’s such an easy way to make someone feel good about themselves, regardless of how old they are! Anyone can do it! 

So, I am challenging myself and my contributor team to 30 Days of Random Acts of Kindness in January. Some of our ideas are as follows: 

  • Drop off a small gift to a neighbor
  • Call or text a friend that you have not spoken to in a long time 
  • Send flowers to your mom or someone else “just because”
  • Leave a Post-It note with kind words in a public restroom
  • Collect the grocery carts left in the parking lot and return them to the corral 
  • Bake treats for firefighters/police officers/EMS workers 
  • Donate toys and books to a local charity 
  • Write letters or draw pictures to deliver to a nursing home or mail to soldiers 
  • Pick up litter at the beach or park 
  • Pay for someone’s coffee in line behind you 
  • Send a care package to military personnel 
  • Find a local volunteer opportunity in your community 
  • Leave money taped to something in the store to surprise a lucky someone 

You can join in on our challenge by tagging us in a photo and using the hashtag #FCM30actsofkindness

If you’d like some more ideas, check out these posts: 

What are your ideas for random acts of kindness?


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