Really Connecting During the Holidays


virConnecting during the holidays with those we love is so important. It is now a few weeks after Thanksgiving, and for many of you, it may have been your first holiday without extended family. This wasn’t new for me, as in the past few years, we chose to have a small “New” Thanksgiving.

Even though our Thanksgivings have been small, our Christmas and Hanukkah celebrations have included our extended families. This year will be different, not only because of COVID-19 but also we are missing our matriarch on one side, who passed this year at 101, and my in-laws are now living out-of-state. We will also be missing our local holiday parties and cookie swaps. But as I’ve said before, our connections and socialization don’t have to be all in-person or nothing at all. 

That being said, it may still be tricky for some of us to figure out what we can do while connecting via a screen besides talking about COVID, school, the weather, etc. So, I think it would be fun to share some interesting “icebreakers” and game/party ideas for all ages.  

I thought this article suggested some fun “icebreakers.” 

  • For Kids:
    • If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life, what would they be?
    • If you could be famous for something, what would it be?
  • For Parents:
    • If you could have named yourself, what name would you have picked?
    • If you were an animal, what would you be?
  • For Grandparents/Older Relatives:
    • What was your favorite thing about where you grew up?
    • If you could live in any decade of your life again, which would it be?
  • For Friends:
    • What has been your most bizarre quarantine purchase?
    • If you could have anyone, real or fictional, as a quarantine buddy, who would it be?

This article gives a great list of virtual holiday party ideas and kits for co-workers, but they can inspire some other ideas to celebrate with your friends or kids too!  

Something else that I think can make the holidays a little more joyous this year is coming up with a new tradition or making nostalgic food for your household. For example, some of my fondest memories of growing up were my great-aunt’s deviled eggs, served every Christmas. Granted, she hasn’t made them for many years now, but that will always be a special memory and holiday food for me, so I may try to make those this year for Christmas day. Maybe you have a special memory or food that you can try this year.

Please share some of your favorite traditions, foods, or fun virtual activities you have planned! However you celebrate and whatever holidays you celebrate this season, may you have healthy and joyous ones!


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