conneCTalent: A Job Placement Company Founded by Moms Promoting Work-Life Balance


If you have taken a career break to raise your children and run your household, or are currently commuting hours each day to and from a job while also raising your children and running your household, aren’t you by definition the most efficient worker? Is it possible to re-employ your efficiency and expertise in the workplace with local employers who value work/life balance?

conneCTalent, a Fairfield County based recruitment company, offers services to connect employers who value work/life balance and individuals who strive to achieve it. They place individuals in full-time, part-time, contract, in-office, and remote jobs, and can also assist with referrals for resume writing, interview and career coaching.

conneCTalent was co-founded by two moms living in Westport. Jasmine Silver is Director of Operations and Runa Knapp is Director of Business Development. They met and became friends through their children’s preschool. Both are mothers of two children. Prior to starting their business together, Jasmine worked as a matrimonial lawyer and Runa worked as an audit senior manager.

After a few years out of the workforce, both women wanted to re-enter in a facet that still allowed them to spend time with their families. They found a high demand amongst other parents striving for that same balance, and they found employers seeking more diversity in their workplace, who were open to offering full-time flex, part-time and remote positions. Jasmine and Runa created conneCTalent to connect these two groups.

In discussing the reason for starting their business, both Jasmine and Runa emphasized the inspiring and fulfilling feeling that employment can provide. It is an outlet; something that is truly your own and you work hard for.

Jasmine and Runa officially launched conneCTalent in September of 2019. In the relatively short time since their launch, they have made a number of successful placements in various industries, including a development director at a non-profit organization, paralegals at law firms, marketing specialists at local businesses, and other professional roles. The employers they work with value conneCTalent’s work/life balance mission and recognize the level of expertise and efficiency their candidates bring, even if they have been out of the workforce for a handful of years.

One goal of conneCTalent is to tailor each employment solution to meet each individual need. The emphasis is on personalized service on both sides. When reviewing an application, they ask themselves, “Who is right for this role and how will they positively impact this company?”

Another important goal of their company is to cut out the commute in the daily lives of working parents. Exposing the many companies and job opportunities available around Fairfield County is a major focus of their business.

It is evident that Jasmine and Runa have a true passion for their work, which is fueled by their genuine desire to help parents. Their early success has ignited a drive to continue the rewarding process of matching employers and job seekers. Jasmine and Runa are hard-working and very personable. In their own lives, they are empowered by being able to be moms and work at a job they love and built themselves. It is clear they want to empower other parents to create this balance.

They believe that it is possible to be a present parent and find a rewarding job. And they will help you every step of the way.

To have a successful business you need the core of your mission to come from a place of true understanding and desire to help people. conneCTalent is built on a solid foundation with much success to come.

To begin the job placement process, simply go to their website,, go to the “Our Services” tab where the options of “Job Seeker” or “Employer” services will appear, and fill out the appropriate questionnaire. From there, you will be contacted directly by Jasmine or Runa to discuss your employment and hiring goals.


For more information you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.


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