Explaining Death to Toddlers

Like everyone, this year has been full of trials and tribulations, but I never imagined explaining death to my toddlers. Besides explaining to my children why they can't come to the grocery store with me, why we had to cancel...
youngest one

A Letter to My Youngest

Dear Big Guy, It’s not easy being the youngest. I might have argued before I had kids that birth order doesn’t matter, but man was I wrong. It matters. It matters a lot. The truth is that by the time you...
dear baby

Dear Baby

Dear Baby, Hi, I’m your new mom. I’m glad to meet you. Everything about you is so new. Your skin is amazing. It glows. You are perfect right now, and I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t know...

2020 Highlights

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been one for the history books. And not in a good way. Coronavirus and the devastation it has caused families, catastrophic fires in the west and in Australia, the tragic...
I am not the mom that I had always pictured I would be. Growing up, I had big ideas about what kind of mother I would be. Pinterest perfect, always laughing, playing games, and serving five-star dinners every night. I...
the struggle is real


You can't scroll through a day's worth of social media posts without seeing #thestruggleisreal. What do you think when you see a mom use that hashtag? It's often a hashtag to a funny post, like when your child cries...
Today is International Ninja Day, and while some people will celebrate by learning about the history of ninjas (check out National Geographic’s Ninjas Secret History Of The Ninja Uncovered Full Documentary or watching Japanese cinema - I recommend Ninja,...
There are some weeks (or months, truly) where you feel like you can't get it right in the land of parenting. You fail to notice the milk running low, and there's none for the morning. You forgot to send...
slices of joy

Finding “Slices of Joy”

A slice of joy. Where will you find it today? Will it be wedged in the middle of a trip to the grocery store when your toddler lights up with excitement while running to get the free lollipop at...
not sad

I’m Not Sad

My baby, who will always be my baby, turned two a few months ago. She’s not actually a baby. And I’m not the least bit sad. I’ve started talking about moving her from her crib into a twin bed. I’m...

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The Car Dreams Are Made Of: Volvo XC90

Last month, thanks to Riley Volvo Cars Stamford, I borrowed a Volvo XC90 for the weekend, and it is an absolute dream to drive! First,...

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