Most evenings in December, you could find me curled up on the couch watching the movie Godmothered with my three daughters. In the background, my tree twinkled, and my Santa collection stood proudly on my hutch, displaying that jolly...

Game Day Homegating

Another regular activity has fallen victim to COVID; Game Day! It just isn’t the same anymore, but have no fear! Let me introduce you to a fun, new, and exciting concept; Homegating! Bring tailgating to your very own couch,...
I don't think that there is any sense of easing into this whole "Mom" gig. You are in charge of just yourself for your whole life, and then, BAM, you get a helpless infant who needs all of you...

Dear Dad, I Miss You

Dear Dad, The other day I reached out to the vet to ask her opinion on one of my dogs, and after providing some insight, she suddenly responded, “I miss your dad.” I was so happy she brought you...
pandemic brain

Sorry. I Have Pandemic Brain.

We have all heard of Mommy Brain - that hormonal anomaly appears in pregnant women (and carries over into the sleep deprivation stage of New Mommydom). We've also heard of Pandemic Fatigue - that reckless feeling of cabin fever...
having more fun

I Vow to Have More Fun

I like to pride myself on being a pretty fun person. In my opinion, I’m a fun parent, and, even with my own friends and family, I’m always ready to have a good time! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become...
Feeling wary in January.

Wary of the New Year

Each morning at the breakfast table, we write the date and what we have planned for the day on a whiteboard. This morning my daughter took the task of writing the date and spelled January like this- Januwary. Little did...
weren't all bad

You Weren’t All Bad

Dear 2020, You didn’t go as planned. I’m not naïve enough anymore to believe that when the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2021 all the grief, worry, hardship, anger, and sadness will be gone, but I do see some hope...

A Letter To My 2020 Baby

Dear baby boy, You have now been in this crazy world for 3 months. For 3 months, you have brought us daily happiness and light in a way that only a baby can. I've wanted to write you a letter...

Life Lessons To Be Learned

2020 changed the way I parent, without a doubt. There were so many life lessons to be learned. In general, I won’t remember this as an amazing year. I lost two relatives. I have spent months away from my loved...

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The Car Dreams Are Made Of: Volvo XC90

Last month, thanks to Riley Volvo Cars Stamford, I borrowed a Volvo XC90 for the weekend, and it is an absolute dream to drive! First,...

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