A girl wearing a tiara.

Princess Issues

  Halloween is one of my favorite holidays - the decorations...the candy...the costumes.  When I was a kid, I would start planning my next costume the day after the current Halloween.  I was lucky that my mom was a great...
A baby crawling.

We’re Almost There

Yesterday I spent about two hours packing up all of Lizzie's 6-9 month clothes and unpacking all of her 12 month clothes that I've had stored away in bins.  Many of those clothes were gifts given to her when...
   " Read to your bunny often, and your bunny will read to you." - Rosemary Wells I love to read. There is nothing like the first moment with a new book that I can get lost in for a few hours. I can't help...
A boy dressed as a superhero with a cape.

The Superhero Phase

For the past few months, my son Owen has been obsessed with superheroes.  Although he's never seen a Spiderman movie or even a Batman cartoon, he has gleaned enough about these comic book creations from commercials, his friends, and toys...
A family hugging.

Change is Good

As time goes on, it's so nice to reflect on how we got to where we are today.  When I look back, it's nice to see the evolution I've  gone through, the changes that have occurred within myself.  Some...
A toddler girl playing in a tunnel.

Growing Pains

Wednesday, my daughter's father and I took our little one to Cove Island Park in Stamford. The weather was so gorgeous we just had to take advantage of being outside! We walked her around in her stroller for a...
baby laying on his tummy

The Last Time

Over the weekend my little man went on strike...against purees. If it was pureed, he wanted nothing to do with it. He would shake his head no, turn his head away from me, even physically push the spoon. What...
A baby girl on her tummy.

All Things Baby

I'm in babyland for the second time around and I'm finding that there are some really cool products out there for babies.  Some of them I feel like I thought of first but unfortunately someone actually beat me to...
I've been teaching young children for most of my career. Over the past 15 or so years of working with preschoolers, I have picked up many effective strategies for dealing with preschooler behavior, and I have always considered classroom...
A midwife's scope of practice encompasses prenatal care, gynecological care, primary care, intrapartal care (labor and birth), and postpartum care.  While all of these areas have redeeming qualities, any midwife will tell you that they have a favorite area...

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