What’s in a Car?

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You know the scene all too well. The big kid is asking insistently every other minute, “When will be there?” The toddler is not satisfied with the goldfish snack you gave them for the third time (attempts 1 and 2 are on the floor), and the infant is screaming because their binky popped out, and you are simply driving around to get them to nap. Oh, and the Sofia the First theme song is playing on repeat. You could sing the song in your sleep (maybe even backwards).

Although our car looks a little different nowadays, our needs as a family are still the same; a safe and reliable car.

The Volvo XC90 delivers just that and more. I had the pleasure of test-driving this SUV for the weekend, and the words that immediately come to mind are dependable, luxury, adventure, and safety. From the moment I pulled onto I-95 North in the pouring rain during rush hour to bopping around town for errands, I found the XC90 to be incredibly reliable and comfortable.

Some of my favorite features were the heated and cooling seats, parking assistance, sunroof, and lane-keeping aid. The trunk room was generous; it even fit a Bob-sized stroller when the “third row” of seats was in the upright position.

Car seats are always a huge concern for me. The Latch system was available in the second row of seats, and the anchor was available on all four rear seats. I also loved the Navigation System with a heated steering wheel, hands-free liftgate, and the Blind Spot Monitor. All of these features contributed to me feeling safe and secure while driving my family around.

Volvo considers everything; the technology is top-notch, the design is sleek, the safety features are extremely thoughtful, and environmentally the car can help you reduce your carbon footprint!

The overall attention to detail is worth noting! Not to mention, it is a very striking and sexy looking car! This was my first time driving a Volvo, and not only was I impressed, but I felt like the car was the perfect fit for my family!

If you are in the market for a new car, I suggest you take a visit to Riley Volvo of Stamford. Jameson and AJ run the family-owned business. They are personable, helpful, and trustworthy. They can help you explore the world of Volvo and find a car that fits your very needs!


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