Is There Any Boy Power Left?


In a world full of Girl Power – is there any Boy Power left?

I often hear people say: you can be anything you want to be. Is that really the case? Girl Power is everywhere in music, talk shows, political representatives, and mom blogs.

Please, before we roll or eyes or click ‘x’ on the tab, I’m just wondering if all this “girl power” will affect our little boys in the future. Let’s face it. I’m biased. Seven years of childcare and all I wanted was a little boy. What would I have done with a girl? Guess what, I would love her the same way I love my son, but dad would have been ecstatic. I am also a black woman, and I may get a lot of ridicule for this, but when I hear of the “strong black woman,” I just roll my eyes. Does strength have to be associated with color?

But mamas, we need to share equal rights and opportunities with dads (they are not babysitters) and do this with no judgment. In our everyday world, we talk about how hard it is as a mom, or how we are the only ones that are carrying the load of the day. But we don’t highlight and praise a dad if he is a stay-at-home dad. Again, in my opinion, I rarely see it.

Equal parenting for all? Will there be a day when diapers are changed in the men’s bathroom at the mall without someone doing a double-take? Or look over in awe when a father is out with his children alone? Where a little boy can play with costumes and dress up just as his sister would and be equally happy. Or dare I say enjoy dance, contemporary or ballet without fear of being ridiculed. Can his favorite color be purple without it being a “girls color” – Why is pink/purple a girl’s color? Does that make red a boy’s color?

Young children can be whatever they want to be. I fear all this GIRL POWER will push out little boys and even grown men into the shadows. We are all human, after all.

I want my son to grow up in a world where it is ok to take care of himself physically and mentally. To grow up in a world where he knows he can be and do anything. We can all shine; let’s not snuff out the light from our little boys to fuel the power of girls.

All our children are beautiful and wonderfully made. But I can’t stop wondering if girls can be anything, are boys still able to do the same?


  1. ? I have been saying this too! I noticed it more after I had my son. However I encourage my son to be a strong man but also gentle. This year for Christmas we got my son a baby doll (he is obsessed with babies) and a vacuum. I’m hoping to encourage his domestic side.

  2. I’ve had these same thoughts. I never want to bring it up to anyone though because I am scared that people will jump down my throat! Thank you for posting this on behalf of our precious boys ❤️ I have noticed that it’s even hard to find contemporary picture books or adventure books about boys doing great things. Girls have stepped up to be their hero in so many books. My 7 year old asked me one day if boys can be scientists… Because every recent science book I’ve read them has a girl as the main character ?‍♀️ I need to get better at seeking out some good boy books for these guys!


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