How To Bond From A Distance – Cooking Edition


Each day I post a meal on social media. I get questions on where I went or how I made it. That got me thinking. I could switch a meal kit with a friend. I would simply put something together and schedule a mommy/parent cook-in/cook-out day with a friend.

cookingIn times like this, we crave social interaction and togetherness. With the exception of food allergies, how fun would it be to cook a friend’s favorite meal? Here are a few simple steps to help set this plan in motion.

Plan It:

Choose a schedule you can work with. Work out a time where you can video chat with each other and have a virtual cook-with-me date. Or perhaps your schedule doesn’t allow you to connect, so you can prepare the meal whenever you get to it.


Let’s keep within a budget, maybe share an ingredient with a friend or mail another mama a must-have ingredient. Who knows it may just become a pantry staple.

Pool Resources:

A lovely mom friend was gracious enough to include me in a large order from a restaurant company that now delivers to residential addresses. Maybe 2-4 people can order from the same supplier (support small businesses) and cook the same meal.


Now while I love food, I also love honest feedback. If you made it and had to chuck it (let’s hope not), I totally understand. Maybe you have always heard of a particular dish but thought it was impossible to make. Let me tell you it’s not! Let’s work together and make cooking fun.

I would be excited for someone to join in with me on the epicurean endeavor. Try to take a picture of the dish and tag each other showing your progress.

What meals would you love to share with friends?


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