When Bedtimes Get in the Way of Fun


I’m frequently making tough decisions on evening school events and even now that we are stuck at home. We start our bedtime routine around 6:15 p.m. Why so early, you may ask? Well, that old adage, “consistency is key,” strikes a chord. Also, because if we don’t stay within that timeframe, the angry bear (the persona of my child) comes out once overtired.

With naps for my oldest being long gone, it’s important to me that she gets enough sleep each night. For us, that looks like a 7:00 bedtime, so she gets her needed 9-12 hours of sleep before waking. This early bedtime routine makes it difficult to schedule extracurricular events. For instance, last month there was a school dance from 6-8 p.m. When my daughter gets home from school each day, it’s clear she’s exhausted from her day. She barely has motivation for her homework some days (I’ll save that post for another time).

So, readers, I ask, do you (or did you) come away from the bedtime routine for fun nights, even though you know the outcome might be terrible? My daughter definitely lays the guilt on, but when some days she’s waking before 6 a.m., it’s a really REALLY long day – for ALL of us. Which brings me to another problem, she wakes her sister with whom she shares a room. Now that we aren’t rushing out the door each morning, I want them to stay in bed as long as possible. 

It is my hope that in the upcoming years, bedtimes won’t prevent us from having fun with school friends. However, for now, the answer is generally “No” to events or activities on school nights beyond 5:00 p.m. Does that make me a mean mom? Perhaps, but I know it’s in the best interest of my child to keep her sleep in check. I know what the next day will bring.

Mommy needs this bedtime routine, too. For sanity, and my downtime each night, before starting it all over again the next day. 

Share your bedtime experiences when dealing with evening events below. Any tips or tricks that can help make those nights easier?

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Clara is a part-time working mom that lives in Trumbull, CT. She and her husband, Joe, were high school sweethearts that began their journey in Upstate NY (think capital region part of NY). Together, they moved to Fairfield County in 2006, after college graduations. Clara will forever hold the magic of Disney in her heart, as she and her husband got engaged in Epcot Center in 2010. She married Joe on a cruise ship in 2011, with 60 close family and friends in attendance. Clara is the proud mommy to two girls Abby {Sept 2013} and Sofia {May 2017}. In addition to being "Mommy," Clara is an Early Childhood Consultant. Outside of her two jobs, you may find her on a cruise, or traveling to New York to visit family.


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